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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Follow Me in 2016

The 2016 Run for the White House for Childhood Cancer Awareness (social media campaign and virtual event) is preparing to kick off the best year ever in support of Our children facing cancer. We are all aware that the 2016 Election Season and Campaign Trail are wide open for the next President of the United States, and we want the candidates to know that we will be running all across the country to raise awareness for our kids, just as they are raising awareness for their campaigns.

Not only will the Trump's, the Clinton's, the Sander's, and the Bush's be making a run for the White House, but so will our 2016 Front Runners, who are parents, friends, supporters and advocates for childhood cancer research all across the country.

This event was inspired in January 2013 by all children who are currently fighting cancer, or who are being honored and remembered by those in the Running and Active Communities. Our mission is to "donate" 1 million miles or more by the end of September each year while raising awareness through our social media outlets, by posting our activities and counting our miles Inspired By Kids.

This year when you post your activities, you can support both the kids you are running for and any of your 2016 Front Runners when you include your:

Miles, time or calories counted
Your State #OR #VA #CA #FL...
Your unique team name #RunningForLincoln #Run4SuperDavid #AngelsForAlex
(These are the hash tags you will want all of your active friends to start using with you on the event page)
The type of childhood cancer you want to fight most #Leukemia #DIPG #Neuroblastoma....

When you choose to Follow any or all of your 2016 Front Runners, you will help them earn points on their Road to the White House (you can follow different front runners each time you post activity)
#FollowBrian #FollowErika #FollowKim #FollowDavid #FollowBecky #FollowJohn #FollowKen #FollowTerri #FollowKelly #FollowKrissie #FollowBret #FollowJoel #FollowSally

The 2016 event will follow this outline beginning 1/1/2016

January-March will begin by asking your friends to Follow you by joining #YourTeam and posting activities including: distance activities such as running, cycling, swimming, spinning, hiking, walking etc. and any type of timed workout that will be converted into miles, where every 10 minutes will be equal to 1 mile, or 7 miles for a full 1 hour workout. This year you can also log your calorie counts and if you also want to include weight loss you can earn miles that way too! (Don't worry about keeping track of your miles, your Host will keep a close eye on the counting as long as you keep posting activity on the event page.)

April-June will be the State Challenges to raise the most miles from your states to "Get On the Map" until we see our Nation Go GOLD!

July-September your 2016 Front Runners will lead the way on the Road to the White House and Washington D.C. where we will join CureFest for Childhood Cancer the third weekend in September where I will host our annual Night Run.

You will want to post your activities as often as you run or workout, or you can post a combined total each 7-10 days if your not on Facebook as often as others.

Every Tuesday you have the opportunity to Double your Miles by posting a Follow Me Selfie wearing your Follow Me shirts "Inspired By Kids." Shirts are available for $20 (free shipping) to my Facebook friends, or in group orders and you will want to contact me early in the year before they are gone. Just send me a friend request and private message with your sizes.

I also have our new Tank Tops for $20 that will help me get to the White House in September AND support CureFest 2016!

Most recently we have introduce our first ever Virtual Race where you can earn #FollowMeBling and a customer finisher Medal by registering with Virtual Uberthons at

The password is: whitehouse

The Run for the White House for Childhood Cancer event begins at midnight 1/1/2016 and runs through the end of September, or until we finish our Million Mile Mission to raise awareness and take Action for all children facing cancer all the way from your house to the White House!

Saturday, July 11, 2015

The Road to the White House

The 2015 Run for the White House is becoming more Inspiring with each step as we donate miles for Our Kids facing cancer and things are just getting started.

During the event this year we joined together on teams #InspiredByKids in our #LaborOfLove to give them a voice on the way to the White House.
We were challenged to make our #NationGoGold and become a #NationInspired to get all 50 states running for the White House during the #RedWhiteAndBlueChallenge.
Next we stepped up the pace to #CrushCancer and #EliminateTheThreat from each of our teams during #ConquerChildhoodCancerChallenge.

The next phase will be lead by our #FollowMeNation Front Runners who have been nominated to lead the way in the next challenge on the #RoadToTheWhiteHouse.

In this challenge, you will help your Front Runners earn badges from each state and many of your teams, and possibly other challenges along the way.

Here is how this phase will work.
You will want to post your activity with the following hash tags to support your Front Runners.

Always name any of our nominated Front Runners by their first name (#FollowBrian #FollowKelly #FollowSabrina) and try to follow as many of them as you discover along the way, with each posted activity.
We want you to help them earn Red, White, Blue and GOLD badges over the next 10 weeks by posting the following as hash tags

Your State (#ORkids for Oregon) to help fill out the map on your scorecard
A Team named after our kids facing cancer like #RunningForLincoln
Your Activity #Run #Bike #WorkOut #Sport
Other front runners you are following. Name one as a primary and up to three more as secondary.
One of the many types of childhood cancers that you Crushed during the
#ConquerChildhoodCancerChallenge (#EliminateLeukemia #AttackATRT #LoserLymphoma)

We want to put all of the hash tags into play during this challenge, as this will increase Awareness, promote Action and ultimately assist many of our collective efforts to fund and find a Cure.
Let  your friends know who to Follow all the way to the White House #InspiredByKids in 2015!

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Conquer Childhood Cancer Challenge

If anyone has ever watched the TV show Survivor, you know that every day you have to outwit, outlast and outplay to survive the game, not only from the elements of living outdoors and making fire while starving, but you have to survive from being voted out of the game by your own tribe because they have realized you have become a threat to them.

Everyday children battling cancer are not playing games, but they are trying to survive from the threat that has made its way into their bodies which also affects their family and their home.

This month as we Run for the White House we want to join together on teams in the  #ConqureChildhoodCancerChallenge to eliminate the threat that has invaded our children's lives.

There will be a list of teams that have been created before this challenge who will be led by our Front Runners and you can join any, or all of them when posting your activities.

During this challenge the goal will be to donate miles on our teams by using our team hash tags to raise awareness about each type of childhood cancer. As miles are donated, they will be like votes cast against each type of childhood cancer as they rise up on our leaderboard. Once each team donates 10,000 miles the threat of the type of cancer will be eliminated and you can help others to conquer their types of cancer.

Here are some of the teams that are ready to Conquer Childhood Cancer in June!


If you have another team you want to create you are free to add them in, but use the same hash tag each time so we keep connected with the hyperlinks.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

A Nation Inspired

This April the Run for the White House for Childhood Cancer Awareness will enter a new phase of raising awareness for our kids in the fight for their lives against cancer. It's going to take a Nation Inspired to run and remain active from our own front doors all the way to the White House and this months "State Challenge" will help us keep the drive alive and use the power of our social media networks to not only raise awareness, but to take meaningful action when we are Inspired By Kids. This month long challenge will bring an explosion of awareness as we race to donate the most miles we can in each of the 50 states as well as internationally, and each state will be lead by up to 4 Front Runners who you can rally behind with your running and activities. Here is how this challenge will work:

You will want to Follow your states leader by using a state specific hash tag to highlight your activity when donating your miles to the kids with cancer in your state.

For example,
if you live in New York your hash tag will be #NYkids
and if you live in Colorado your hash tag will be #COkids.
North Dakota #NDkids,
New Hamshire #NHkids
and Mississippi #MSkids.
You will catch on as many other begin to hash tag the states that they are representing.

If you know who your states Front Runners are you can also hash tag their names such as #FollowBrian or #FollowSabrina or #FollowKevin to support those leading the way for kids in your state, but remember the ONLY way you get the credit for your state is to hash tag your state #ORkids each time. All miles and activity will be counted, but only applied to the challenge with a hash tag.

As people are using these hash tags, they will be connected to each other during the event and you can click on them to see others who are using the same hash tag. Your leaders may want to do something like choose a child one day to support in your state and you can all join them with a child's unique #TeamName as you have been using.

You will still want to support any of the children you have been in any other state, so if I wanted to support #SuperDavid in SC I would post his team name in support of him and his family, but I would always post #ORkids for all of our kids here in Oregon where I live. There is nothing wrong with giving your full support to another child in another state, but this month only we will try to rally those in our states to support all kids who live here. Can you imagine all 50 states supporting an estimated 40,000 children in the United States who are going through chemotherapy today?

You will see the faces of all of those who have become Front Runners wearing their Follow Me shirts on our event feed, facebook page https://www.facebook.com/RunForTheWhiteHouseForChildhoodCancerAwareness,
AND now our Instagram account,
so if you don't know who you are supposed to be following, keep looking around or clicking the hash tag of your state until you find your leaders. If a leader has not messaged me with their Follow Me selfie yet, you should at least post your state hash tag until someone is ready to take the lead.

If you would like to join me as a Front Runner I will continue to take your Follow Me selfies and add you to the map, and if you need a Follow Me shirt just email me your size at FollowMe2014@hotmail.com

Keep a watchful eye on our Map as our states begin to donate miles and we'll light it up for the entire USA to see that we are running as a #NationInspired by kids who need a cure today!

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Miles of Inspiration

"If you have ever walked a mile in someone else's shoes, you will see there is a difference. When you walk a mile with a child facing cancer, you will see the need for change, even if that means going a million miles to become the change they need."

January has been explosive to say the least, with runners and many others donating activities all through the middle of winter #InspiredByKids who fight cancer every day. Here are some amazing results from people who have decided that this was their year to Run for the White House to raise awareness and give a voice to our kids in 2015.

This year, unlike any year before, we took a new direction on our way to the White House to support our kids by creating team names and build team support in donating our miles and activities.

391 teams were registered in January for at least 391 kids fighting or in honor of the legacy they left behind.

36 states and 4 other countries were observed as supporting all of their kids in general, although there may have been a few more posting for their teams.

84 teams reached their first Run for the White House milestone of 25 posted activities

49 of those were recognized as reaching 50 or more posted activities lead by Race with Grace with 98

25 stepped up to reach the 100th milestone lead by Team Catherine 244,

10 blazed on to cover more than 250 posted activities lead by Smashing Walnuts with 464, (also WVKCC began grouping together following with 416)

and finally 3 teams transcended to the second highest milestone crossing 500 including:

Team Mathias #12 this months M.V.P. with 815 posted activities
The Juggernaut team of Sammy Rulz Cancer Droolz with 718 posted activities
and newcomer Run for Super David with 540 posted activities

During the first year of the event we started very late in January and February may have had 1000-2000 miles donated. Last year in January you donated over 50,000 and in February over 65,000.

This year there is more than a small rumble being heard in the distance from each and every state, because in 31 days of the opening month of this Event, you have donated a total of

97,176.28 miles!

#FollowMeNation, this is your #LaborOfLove #4OurKidsIn2015 #OnTheWayToTheWhiteHouse to raise awareness and #EliminateTheThreat for our kids now and for future generations.

Be Inspired, share your inspiration by taking Action, and never Ever give up fighting, running or dreaming for Our Kids facing cancer!