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Monday, December 30, 2013

Follow Me in 2014

In January 2013, a small group of about 50  people began running together to raise awareness for one purpose and with one goal in mind. What happened next would become an Olympic sized, virtual event across our great nation known as the "Follow Me" movement. This 7 month virtual running event with 3500 active members, reached places as far as Australia, Sri Lanka, South Africa and 20 other nations, in a worldwide effort to increase and magnify awareness for children with cancer, the #1 killer by disease in all children.

On September 1st, many of those who ran would meet together in Washington DC, on the steps of our governments front door, the White House, to finish what had been started . The end of this race would not be completed for glory and honor, but for a chance to let our elected leaders know that our kids are still dying at the rate of 50 children in all 50 states and something needed to be done now.

The Run for the White House for Childhood Cancer Awareness event (Follow Me 2014) began at midnight, January 1st and will go through September 30th, and this is how it will work for those who want to join:

Join the live event on facebook here now:
Begin by posting your miles on the event page. Post as often as possible because people will notice your activity and want to know how they can run for the White House too. Invite all your friends using the Invite feature in the event to invite someone you run with, a relative or anyone you meet and are excited to share this idea with.
Talk about it at the gyms you visit or with the high school track and cross country teams. We will look at adapting other sports and activities too in the near future like golf or cheerleading.

Next go to the official facebook page and click LIKE here:
https://www.facebook.com/RunForTheWhiteHouseForChildhoodCancerAwareness You can share the page and invite friends and there is a link that will lead them to the live event in the "about" section.

Here are some ways you can be active in this event:

Start by clicking on the map (on the event page) and comment with your city and state or country.

Run, walk, bike, swim, exercise and post your miles, km or time on the event page and they will be counted toward the total goal of 1,000,000 miles. Be sure to post your state each time until we know that all 50 states are participating.

We will count every mile and turn minutes in to miles for workouts (one mile every 10-15 minutes, and 1 bonus mile at each hour.) If you are not a runner, you can contribute with yoga, P90X, Zumba or other activities. Give us anything that is an activity and we will convert it to miles!

Create or join any team to dedicate miles to real kids, then shout out your team name as you post "26.2 miles for Running for Lincoln!" Let these kids know your are running for them: Like their facebook page and leave them with a message of support.

One of the high lights of the 2013 event were the Follow Me tech shirt made for running in during your 2014 5k's and marathons. You can order an awareness running shirt by emailing your request with your sizes to FollowMe2014@hotmail.com (details to follow via email)

Creating awareness along the way:

Talk about how you are running to the White House, everywhere you go, to everyone you meet. People will be interested and want to know why they should "follow you."

Run and exercise like you have never done before, people will notice your activity and want to know how you are doing. Tell them why you're doing it and for who, if you are dedicating to a certain child.

Become aware of all advocates everywhere especially on social media and share your pages, organization and public events that promote awareness in our event. Many run races different times of the year, and you can join and donate to those causes, and still donate to this event too, especially you marathon runners.

Talk to those who have the power and responsibility to make changes for our kids. Email is a quick and easy way to write to your elected officials to let them know our kids need a voice.

There is unlimited potential for creating awareness, just give something a try and if it doesn't work, just keep running with us.

The Run for the White House is an awareness campaign to promote awareness to the unaware, activity in the community of families with pediatric cancer diagnosis, and most of all to take action that will amplify the voice of kids who's only hope is in everyday people like you.

When matters of life and death are concerned for our kids, all it takes is a single step to make a difference. Are you willing to JOIN the movement today?
Click here to join right now.