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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Follow Me in 2016

The 2016 Run for the White House for Childhood Cancer Awareness (social media campaign and virtual event) is preparing to kick off the best year ever in support of Our children facing cancer. We are all aware that the 2016 Election Season and Campaign Trail are wide open for the next President of the United States, and we want the candidates to know that we will be running all across the country to raise awareness for our kids, just as they are raising awareness for their campaigns.

Not only will the Trump's, the Clinton's, the Sander's, and the Bush's be making a run for the White House, but so will our 2016 Front Runners, who are parents, friends, supporters and advocates for childhood cancer research all across the country.

This event was inspired in January 2013 by all children who are currently fighting cancer, or who are being honored and remembered by those in the Running and Active Communities. Our mission is to "donate" 1 million miles or more by the end of September each year while raising awareness through our social media outlets, by posting our activities and counting our miles Inspired By Kids.

This year when you post your activities, you can support both the kids you are running for and any of your 2016 Front Runners when you include your:

Miles, time or calories counted
Your State #OR #VA #CA #FL...
Your unique team name #RunningForLincoln #Run4SuperDavid #AngelsForAlex
(These are the hash tags you will want all of your active friends to start using with you on the event page)
The type of childhood cancer you want to fight most #Leukemia #DIPG #Neuroblastoma....

When you choose to Follow any or all of your 2016 Front Runners, you will help them earn points on their Road to the White House (you can follow different front runners each time you post activity)
#FollowBrian #FollowErika #FollowKim #FollowDavid #FollowBecky #FollowJohn #FollowKen #FollowTerri #FollowKelly #FollowKrissie #FollowBret #FollowJoel #FollowSally

The 2016 event will follow this outline beginning 1/1/2016

January-March will begin by asking your friends to Follow you by joining #YourTeam and posting activities including: distance activities such as running, cycling, swimming, spinning, hiking, walking etc. and any type of timed workout that will be converted into miles, where every 10 minutes will be equal to 1 mile, or 7 miles for a full 1 hour workout. This year you can also log your calorie counts and if you also want to include weight loss you can earn miles that way too! (Don't worry about keeping track of your miles, your Host will keep a close eye on the counting as long as you keep posting activity on the event page.)

April-June will be the State Challenges to raise the most miles from your states to "Get On the Map" until we see our Nation Go GOLD!

July-September your 2016 Front Runners will lead the way on the Road to the White House and Washington D.C. where we will join CureFest for Childhood Cancer the third weekend in September where I will host our annual Night Run.

You will want to post your activities as often as you run or workout, or you can post a combined total each 7-10 days if your not on Facebook as often as others.

Every Tuesday you have the opportunity to Double your Miles by posting a Follow Me Selfie wearing your Follow Me shirts "Inspired By Kids." Shirts are available for $20 (free shipping) to my Facebook friends, or in group orders and you will want to contact me early in the year before they are gone. Just send me a friend request and private message with your sizes.

I also have our new Tank Tops for $20 that will help me get to the White House in September AND support CureFest 2016!

Most recently we have introduce our first ever Virtual Race where you can earn #FollowMeBling and a customer finisher Medal by registering with Virtual Uberthons at

The password is: whitehouse

The Run for the White House for Childhood Cancer event begins at midnight 1/1/2016 and runs through the end of September, or until we finish our Million Mile Mission to raise awareness and take Action for all children facing cancer all the way from your house to the White House!