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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Inspired By Kids in 2015

Hello #FollowMeNation!

Have you ever wanted to help kids on their journey for a cure for childhood cancer? Then get ready to take the First Step and Follow Me in the 3rd annual Virtual Running and Activity event "Run for the White House for Childhood Cancer Awareness 2015."

Back in 2011 my own son Lincoln was diagnosed with leukemia and has successfully finished his treatment in Portland, Oregon last October. After cancer attacked my youngest child, I knew there was nothing else I needed to do in life except to fight back. One day in 2013, after I had become Aware of several hundred kids with cancer, through facebook and social media, I decided to go for a walk around the block one day to think about how I could help them. After walking a mile I decided to try to running, which I had not done in almost 18 years since high school, and that is when I first became #InspiredByKids to Run for the White House to tell the government they needed more help!

I knew I could not physically leave my family or actually run across the country by myself, so I asked friends to help donate miles in an effort to run nearly 3000 miles in a virtual event. The results were astounding as thousands of people joined in donating over 250,000 miles in 2013 and reaching more than 1 million in 2014!

Since that moment of inspiration, people world wide have become more aware and have taken greater action steps through this virtual event to run Passionately, Purposefully and Perpetually for the White House until we find a cure for ALL pediatric cancers.

Here are some things you need to know about the 2015 event:

-Follow Me and your 2015 Front Runners, as we host the virtual event from January through September #4OurKidsIn2015

-The Event is free and open to the public and will thrive on the donation of actual miles from walking, running, training for a race or miles from any of your official events during running season. We also accept any other activity that will be converted into miles by our team committed to counting for you in a #LaborOfLove for kids in the fight.

-To Donate miles or activities, all you need to do is Join the Event on facebook and post your miles daily, weekly or monthly to keep Awareness on the rise on our #MillionMileMission.
You can Join to get Going to the White House on the 2015 Event feed here  https://www.facebook.com/events/738936862858838/

-The Run for the White House in 2015 will be fueled by Inspiration from kids diagnosed with cancer, and we want everyone to join a team inspired by a child in treatment, or in memory and honor of the legacy they left behind, to keep us running for their young friends.

-Register to join a team and support Our Kids by hash tagging the team name with your posted activity. My example would be a unique hash tag (or the name of my child's facebook page) #RunningForLincoln. You are also welcome to support more than one child at a time, or even rotate teams weekly or monthly. If you would like to be assigned to a team you are welcome to message me on our official facebook Page here https://www.facebook.com/RunForTheWhiteHouseForChildhoodCancerAwareness

-If you are a parent of a child with a facebook page, please share the event each month and ask people to sponsor your child by joining the event and posting activity with your unique #TeamName, then let Your Kids know they have a sponsor Running for the White House for them during their treatment! It is important that the event is backed by the online childhood cancer community through social media as a virtual ongoing event.

-Invite ALL of your friends on your friends list. While its true not every last person will join, they will at least become Aware of the event and the support you have for the children and they may just want to LIKE our facebook page and watch as the event takes place.

-Use some of the unique hash tags in this blog post to link our posts together and increase awareness in every corner of our virtual universe.

-Have fun and get to know other people who are Running for the White House with you, and if anyone wants to join us in D.C. keep watching for when and where we will be in September.
-Watch for Challenges along the way to help increase awareness and invite more friends to join in completing these challenges.
-Follow your 2015 Front Runners by posting #FollowBrian #FollowKelly or #FollowSabrina and help them earn Badges during the final 10 weeks of the event, beginning July 12th, leading up to the White House. You may also nominate a Front Runner and we will track their activity for you.

Thanks for Joining, Inviting and Supporting all of Our Kids in 2015! See you in September at the White House!

Brian Jones - Host of the Run for the White House for Childhood Cancer Awareness
Join early starting Sunday 12/28 here!  https://www.facebook.com/events/738936862858838/