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Saturday, July 11, 2015

The Road to the White House

The 2015 Run for the White House is becoming more Inspiring with each step as we donate miles for Our Kids facing cancer and things are just getting started.

During the event this year we joined together on teams #InspiredByKids in our #LaborOfLove to give them a voice on the way to the White House.
We were challenged to make our #NationGoGold and become a #NationInspired to get all 50 states running for the White House during the #RedWhiteAndBlueChallenge.
Next we stepped up the pace to #CrushCancer and #EliminateTheThreat from each of our teams during #ConquerChildhoodCancerChallenge.

The next phase will be lead by our #FollowMeNation Front Runners who have been nominated to lead the way in the next challenge on the #RoadToTheWhiteHouse.

In this challenge, you will help your Front Runners earn badges from each state and many of your teams, and possibly other challenges along the way.

Here is how this phase will work.
You will want to post your activity with the following hash tags to support your Front Runners.

Always name any of our nominated Front Runners by their first name (#FollowBrian #FollowKelly #FollowSabrina) and try to follow as many of them as you discover along the way, with each posted activity.
We want you to help them earn Red, White, Blue and GOLD badges over the next 10 weeks by posting the following as hash tags

Your State (#ORkids for Oregon) to help fill out the map on your scorecard
A Team named after our kids facing cancer like #RunningForLincoln
Your Activity #Run #Bike #WorkOut #Sport
Other front runners you are following. Name one as a primary and up to three more as secondary.
One of the many types of childhood cancers that you Crushed during the
#ConquerChildhoodCancerChallenge (#EliminateLeukemia #AttackATRT #LoserLymphoma)

We want to put all of the hash tags into play during this challenge, as this will increase Awareness, promote Action and ultimately assist many of our collective efforts to fund and find a Cure.
Let  your friends know who to Follow all the way to the White House #InspiredByKids in 2015!