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Sunday, September 30, 2012

CCAM 24/7/365

On 9/30/2012 The Truth 365 asks people to keep Childhood Cancer Awareness 24/7/365
The Truth 365 film is still in waiting mode after tonight's teaser trailer but the best is yet to come.
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#CCAM September Highlights

September 2012 has been an epic month for childhood cancer awareness month. This year as children continue to battle against the "Monster", Brian's Phirst Blog recognizes voices of the families on their journey and the need to speak out about childhood cancer, the #1 killer of all children. Here are some of the highlights from Brian's Phirst Blog.
This month began with a Declaration to stand up and speak out against childhood cancers.
September is the one "Golden Opportunity" of the year for kids with cancer to Shine brightly creating a State of Awareness to accelerate, funding, research and treatments for a cure.
There was no lack of Celebrating kids on the Red Carpet as the "Faces of Childhood Cancer" became headline news across the nation.
If you don't believe that dreams come true you haven't met these kids yet.
"Ronan" went to #1 on iTunes during the nationally broadcast "Stand Up to Cancer", taking the place of Taylor Swifts other #1 song
Talia meets Ellen and becomes an honorary Cover Girl
Lane gets 100,000 thumbs up, now closer to a quarter million
This month as summer was coming to an end and school begins, its time to get back to work and Be a Grown Up, because kids can't fight cancer alone
September 11th is hard enough but in a moment of remembrance the truth will be revealed...
...and and as diagnosis day looms over those affected by cancer we still Believe in hope.
 ...hope that was shattered like glass on D-day would become like flakes of Gold, that once having gone through the fire, would be molded into a purified hope...
You need to be bold when fighting a war against cancer because no one ever hear a silent war cry
This was not easy to say, but when CEO's see making a profit before funding a cure, those who choose pink need to think about a Golden Opportunity of saving children's lives.
The incomparable David Cook has truly been an inspiration to me as I listen and write.
Knowing his brother had cancer during his journey on American Idol leads me to believe his music has been influenced by this tragedy.
 My wish would be to meet him someday, but even more that we could fight together for kids with cancer.
We had our family pictures taken by http://www.facebook.com/picturethis.westlinn
Here are some new friends that I met this month fighting for the cause
When I was invited to be the Social Media Manager of the Truth 365 film project I would have never thought where it would lead me in the fight against childhood cancer. Tonight as this project is finally revealed on YouTube, we are expecting people around the world to take action in sharing this campaign. We will not hold back in demanding a cure for kids because no one ever wants to hear the words "Your child has cancer"
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Bonus video for "I Back Jack"

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Life Champions

Tonight I got home late and I was eating my dinner when my son Lincoln asked if I could come over and play a game with him. He likes to roll the dice and move his game piece, but when it was my turn he decided that I had to roll the color blue, or I wasn't playing the right way. I wanted to take an opportunity to teach him that when you play games there are rules that you have to follow so everyone can have fun. He listened and let me roll until I moved to where I needed to be and then he moved his piece to the end and said "I win!"

This might sound like something you heard in the news this week about a certain football game on Monday night. I just happened to be watching that game as my two favorite teams played each other in one of the best match ups I have seen in a many years. I won't talk about it too much more but I will say that, as the rules of the game became open to interpretation by those with the power to do so, many fans from both teams began to feel cheated in watching the game they came to enjoy.

Now I have my opinions and you have yours, but as I left in shock at the outcome of a game that was based more on the officiating, than on the professional skills of these highly trained players, I realized something about the life we live and the inevitable struggles we face.

First of all Life is not a game. Life is real and life is difficult in many ways, and we were never meant to just enjoy every minute of it like it was the latest technological device. When we try to make the enjoyment of life our highest priority, we find ourselves running the risk of allowing those things to dominate our well being. Then when we are faced with something as life altering as a cancer diagnosis we are torn from these objects of pleasure that we assumed were written in the rule book of life.

Bad things happen to good people. Many people have worked hard and sacrifice many pleasures to get to where they are, but just when they think they are walking down the streets of gold, they get thrown under the bus by the life that they thought was finally being written in stone. Cancer is that bus that runs 24 hours a day looking for the most expecting pedestrians, including children. There are often no warning signs and there are no authorities that can overturn the ruling of the aggressive nature of these diseases.

Failure is not an option. Blood, sweat and tears are not enough anymore and even when we pray we avoid failing like its jury duty or going to the dentist for a root canal. When we see our children's bodies fail because of pediatric cancers, we feel we have failed even though we had nothing to do with one of the most mysterious "bad calls" on a child's bodies.

Life is not fair. In a game when you roll the dice you know where you are going, but when life is rolling the dice and your number is up, you need to move along because there is no use in complaining. We miss to many opportunities to grow and learn because we want to rant and rave and make pointless arguments that just make things more difficult. If we search for the truth, we will find a way to manage our emotions even when hopelessness feels overwhelming.

There is one more thing about life I will share tonight. When the game clock runs out and the powers-that-be cannot be influenced any further, the true power to become a Life Champion is still within your reach.

You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough. Mae West.
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Saturday, September 22, 2012


When was the last time you felt overwhelmed? Today I started to feel it coming as I was working alone this Saturday afternoon after the last 5 days. The day was dragging on and just when I thought I was finished, my customer asked me to do one more difficult task. I started fuming about the job I was doing while trying to keep my customers happy, and on top of that I was in pain from my root canal In the moment I wanted to drive away and give it all up FOREVER!

If you felt what I did today, then you may have just felt a lot of stress from the daily grind, but when was the last time you were truly overwhelmed?

When I was a youth I went to a summer camp each year. During the week long camp, there was always a moment on the day before it ended, when everyone was gathered around with new friends who had become very close, and all of a sudden everyone was crying and hugging and wishing for just one more week together.

It was that kind of feeling that I think of as an overwhelming feeling. It wasn't something that happened in a moment or even a few hours, but during a certain amount of time when significant events had taken place. It actually felt like your whole life had changed in a few moments and this was a new beginning.

Sometimes an overwhelming moment can turn into an opportunity of a lifetime, can anyone say

Now what would it feel like to be in this guy's shoes?

This is a time in our lives, as people have been watching the previews for "The Truth 365" film, 
that could prove to be a very overwhelming moment for the childhood cancer community.
For children fighting for their lives from cancer, this will be their chance to shine in a truly life changing event.

...but Be Overwhelmed and make a conscience choice to do something today after witnessing the Truth about our kids fighting Cancer

"The Truth 365" full featured film

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Friday, September 21, 2012

Wish upon a Star

Have you ever thought about how 10 years can change your life?
Today I was thinking about where the last 10 years have taken me. In 2002 I started my first full time job in construction, building RV's in a factory. Today I am still working with wood and laboring with my hands. Before that I spent 10 years just getting started with a life of my own, graduating high school, going to college and moving out from my parents house. Then before all of that I was just a kid going to school and spending my summers having fun.
When I was 10 years old I liked to play in the dirt and one day I wished I could dig a hole to China, like my son Lincoln here.
Funny, how somethings never change.
If you were the average 10 year old again, knowing what you know now, what would you wish was the same?
What would you wish was different?
Remember singing this song and wishing upon a Star?

 "When you wish upon a star, makes no difference who you are, anything your heart desires will come to you." Jiminy Cricket

When I was a kid I would believe anything my friends told me, but listen to what my new friend Grape Nut says:

If you were 10 years old again, what would you wish for if you had only 10 months to live because of cancer? If its not a question you can answer for yourself, what do you think another 10 year old with cancer is wishing for right now?
This September as many more people are becoming aware of childhood cancer, they realize that this disease cannot just be wished away. The childhood cancer community is growing stronger in numbers but now our days of wishing have Faith behind them. Those who believe are driven to action, because faith without action is just wishful thinking. When we believe, we share hope, and when hope is alive, others begin to believe and take the action that is required in our search for a cure.

Tonight as the reality of cancer has impacted so many, there is only one wish in a child's heart. Just like Pinocchio, these kids just want to be real boys and girls, without cancer invading their lives.

Do you have what it takes to believe in a cure? Please listen and let hope arise as this song speaks volumes to those searching for a cure for childhood cancer.
Thank David Cook!
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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

My Family Pictures

Today was a day like any other for millions of people like me.
I just happened to get to sleep in a little before going to have an emergency root canal!
I will bet that most people would rather go to jury duty before going to the dentist, but not me.
I absolutely have the best dentist on earth, even when he is shoving needles in the roots of my teeth.
Enough about me, here is my families full photo album from a truly professional photographer
Nancy Steele with Picture this Photography
The Joneses
Lincoln and Emma
The Cat and the Bat
Piggy Back
Hide and Seek
Run, Lincoln, Run!
There are a few extras pics on Nancy's blog where you can, read her story and make an appointment @ http://ptpnancy.wordpress.com/2012/09/16/mr-lincoln/
On the drive home