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Friday, September 7, 2012

I Stand Up, Do You?

What is more exciting than a night where the world Stands Up to Cancer? Here is the simple answer, when a young, beautiful American Idol (not actual alumni) stands up to cancer and writes a song that will be preformed for a little boy who is about to make history even though his is gone. Has anyone ever heard of Taylor Swift? I thought you might have, but not many have heard of this beautiful boy Ronan Thompson who passed away from cancer and never got the chance to be a star. Tonight however Ronan will be honored in a song which will bring an outpouring of support for all children fighting for their lives from cancer, the #1 killer more than many other diseases combined. Childhood will face its greatest enemy tonight as the voices of lost children around the world like Ronan, cry out "Find a Cure for the children of the Future"

Tweet and Trend #IStandUpforRonan @SU2C tonight during the show, it will be Epic!

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