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Monday, September 3, 2012

When Stars Fall

Today I heard someone say how hard it was to believe that it was already September. With so many things happening during the summer a lot of people feels like it ended before it began. I know that working an average of 65 hours a week May-August, the end could not come soon enough but with family vacations, warm days and many events like the State fair, letting go of summer and moving into the school year is easier said than done.

One of my favorite summer past times as a kid was spending night after night on top a roof top watching for shooting stars with my friends. We would spend hours outside late into the night watching for just a handful of meteorites to pass through the atmosphere. One late August night we witness something that we thought we would never see again. The Perseid meteor shower gave us a show of nearly 200 meteorites that night and was better than any 4th of July fireworks display I had ever seen. Today I think of about 200 children that have become Star in my life since I became aware of childhood cancer.

Today as people enjoyed the sunny day the stars that fell above would not be seen, but late this afternoon the life of two of very big stars would come to the end of their journey. As Facebook and Twitter lit up like an August meteor shower when a famous movie actor suddenly passed away, a little boy would fight with the Heart of a "Lyon" as he entered heavens gates. Both losses were shocking to those who knew believed deserved more of a life, but only one would make the trending headlines on Yahoo and Twitter.

Tonight as I write, I find it hard to believe that any life should be less than 80 years, but with the way our health systems function, I find it harder to believe that a child is no longer a priority when it comes to funding research for life threatening childhood diseases like cancer. Now as another family plans a funeral for their child I pray that their story would make an impact like a giant meteor crashing down to earth.
Rest in Peace brave little ones, please listen to this.

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