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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Shout Out Saturday

As our lives have been affected by cancer and we choose daily to Stand Up and Speak Up, we become more and more aware of the cancer community around us. Today and every Saturday I want to share some of the organizations that I have discovered in our journey with cancer.

Many people last night witnessed what could be called a Miracle as an American Superstar Stood up to Cancer and preformed and song that Shouted Out for Childhood Cancer Awareness. Taylor Swift's song, "Ronan" that was co-written by Ronan's mother became an Internet sensations as it started trending on Twitter and skyrocketed to the #1 iTunes download. Today the world is celebrating a beautiful blue eyed boy who's memory goes on into history as the Face of Childhood Cancer awareness.
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One of the most bold statements that has been made in recent history in the fight against cancer is one most would not dare to take part in, but when your a mother fighting cancer and there is no one willing to listen, you do what it takes to save your children. Every year a new class of mothers are inducted into the class of "46 Momma's Shave for the Brave" by shaving their hair before the public eyes to say "Kids get cancer too!" Their goal is to raise $1,000,000 for pediatric cancer research.

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One of my new favorite kids busting onto the scene is my little buddy Johnathon Cahill. This boy never seems to stop smiling every time I see his pictures from his sister who admins his page. Thanks for joining us because fighting cancer sometimes means Celebrating kids like Johnathon.
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Cancer is not in the US alone but all around the world and I am pleased to join forces with a new friend that is getting world wide attention as he fights for his sister and his photography. One of his photos which appears at the top of this blog was immediately shared by many of my friends when I first shared it. Check out Elijah Paul Villeneuva's pages.

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The Truth 365 Film is going to have a huge impact on the cancer community in the next few weeks and we want everyone to know that we are behind them 100% because no child should be left to cancers relentless forces.

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