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Sunday, September 30, 2012

#CCAM September Highlights

September 2012 has been an epic month for childhood cancer awareness month. This year as children continue to battle against the "Monster", Brian's Phirst Blog recognizes voices of the families on their journey and the need to speak out about childhood cancer, the #1 killer of all children. Here are some of the highlights from Brian's Phirst Blog.
This month began with a Declaration to stand up and speak out against childhood cancers.
September is the one "Golden Opportunity" of the year for kids with cancer to Shine brightly creating a State of Awareness to accelerate, funding, research and treatments for a cure.
There was no lack of Celebrating kids on the Red Carpet as the "Faces of Childhood Cancer" became headline news across the nation.
If you don't believe that dreams come true you haven't met these kids yet.
"Ronan" went to #1 on iTunes during the nationally broadcast "Stand Up to Cancer", taking the place of Taylor Swifts other #1 song
Talia meets Ellen and becomes an honorary Cover Girl
Lane gets 100,000 thumbs up, now closer to a quarter million
This month as summer was coming to an end and school begins, its time to get back to work and Be a Grown Up, because kids can't fight cancer alone
September 11th is hard enough but in a moment of remembrance the truth will be revealed...
...and and as diagnosis day looms over those affected by cancer we still Believe in hope.
 ...hope that was shattered like glass on D-day would become like flakes of Gold, that once having gone through the fire, would be molded into a purified hope...
You need to be bold when fighting a war against cancer because no one ever hear a silent war cry
This was not easy to say, but when CEO's see making a profit before funding a cure, those who choose pink need to think about a Golden Opportunity of saving children's lives.
The incomparable David Cook has truly been an inspiration to me as I listen and write.
Knowing his brother had cancer during his journey on American Idol leads me to believe his music has been influenced by this tragedy.
 My wish would be to meet him someday, but even more that we could fight together for kids with cancer.
We had our family pictures taken by http://www.facebook.com/picturethis.westlinn
Here are some new friends that I met this month fighting for the cause
When I was invited to be the Social Media Manager of the Truth 365 film project I would have never thought where it would lead me in the fight against childhood cancer. Tonight as this project is finally revealed on YouTube, we are expecting people around the world to take action in sharing this campaign. We will not hold back in demanding a cure for kids because no one ever wants to hear the words "Your child has cancer"
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