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Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Pack "Backs Jack"

Football Sunday has to be my favorite day of the year as it kicks off back to school and the colors of a new season begin. I have always been a fan of the pigskin being thrown, carried and kicked around the field and today was a great day to see it for the first time. I have a few favorites from the 49ers growing up to the Seahawks when I lived in Washington, but My Team is the team that I know I will be a true fan of for life because they are proven champions throughout history. I choose this team 2 years ago, early in the season because I couldn't deny the fact that they had won Championships so many more times than other teams. Now that they had a new Quarterback showing some true potential since their last one moved on, I was excited to watch My Team and call them My Packers.
I will always be a proud supporter of Packer Nation even on a day like today. Unfortunately I did not get to see the game because I live on the west coast and I got to watch my second favorite team the Seahawks. Even more disappointing but bittersweet, My Packers were defeated by my third favorite team San Francisco 49ers during their first official day of the season. That's just the way it goes sometimes thought I guess, in football but if every champion fell to all of the underdogs all season they wouldn't be much to watch for the rest of the season would they?
I didn't watch much more football today, just checked out the scores but I did find something that inspired me and know that My Packers are not only champions in football but in the lives of kids fighting cancer. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1315058-aaron-rodgers-the-loss-of-a-friend
Even Champions like Aaron Rogers know how to reach down into the world of cancer and become friends with a kid like Jack. Jack was a Champion during the years he was in treatment but he retired from the game that is Life and is resting now in the Glory Above where he will be celebrated for all eternity. Its nice to know that My Pack "Back's Jack" and his family and it says something about Packer Nation and the Hearts of Gold they have for children with cancer.
Here is a picture of Jack's sister from the upcoming documentary The Truth 365 film set to release beginning September 13th and revealed September 23rd. You may not be a fan of Green Bay like I am, but we can all be a part of the Pack that Back's kids like Jack.  I hope My Packers and Packer Nation will get the word out that children fighting cancer deserve just as much attention a the NFL gets because fighting cancer as a kids is a whole lot harder than a Quarterback Sack.
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