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Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Pink Lady

There is some buzz going on right now on the internet because of some parents who stood up and spoke out in regards to breast cancer and childhood cancer after losing their child this year. As most people are quickly becoming aware, September IS Childhood cancer awareness month, not breast cancer. If someone were to guess when breast cancer awareness is, they may say September, October, or they just may say all year long. The truth is October is breast cancer awareness month, and for that I am grateful since I know 3 people very close who have survived it. So why all the buzz? Probably because most parents with children suffering from breast cancer become frustrated that Pink starts to show up before October begins. When we, who have children fighting for their lives because pediatric cancer research is significantly under funded and people are unaware, are trying for just 30 days to raise awareness for our kids, the Pink lady begins to overshadow our only Golden opportunity. I personally think its more about the third parties, like grocery stores, news channels, and even the NFL, making more profits by turning peoples eyes toward all of the pink.

Childhood cancer needs a voice and it can't just happen with a few. If all of the women who are surviving breast cancer got behind childhood cancer in the same way they supported their own billion dollar cause, how much of an impact would that make on the childhood cancer community? I know everyone hurts because of cancer, but you can't tell me that losing a child is easier than losing a friend, mom, or sister. Ask anyone who has ever lost a child to anything.

This E-card make a very strong point, that many understand, but many more won't accept because breast cancer has hurt them personally. I think we just need to remember everyone, and give them all a fair chance a life, but considering the funding given to BC, Childhood cancer deserves a whole lot better.

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Anonymous said...

Yes!! And thank you for putting it so elegantly. There are plenty of little girls out there who need to beat childhood cancer FIRST in order to develop a pair of breasts!