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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Looking Ahead

Tonight I wanted to sit outside as I write because the weather is perfect as the sun just set and the day comes to a close. I love this time of year as summer is ending and my favorite season begins. The leaves are just starting to change colors here on some of the trees, but the great oaks are tempting to drop their leaves soon which leaves me with a lot of work cleaning them up off of the streets. I actually like it, as long as they don't get too wet. We drove to a park today and on the way home passed a pumpkin patch. Tomorrow morning I am going to try some of my pumpkin spiced coffee and watch a little football too.

September is half way over and the summer is about to end but my favorite month is also about to begin. In October is both Lincoln's and my birthdays and this October I am taking vacation for the Make a Wish trip to Disneyland. We are all excited to get away from everything we have known for the last year and just have some real time as a family. I sometimes wish I could just take the whole month off every year, but 10 days should do it before I have to get back to it.

After a year of going through cancer treatment with our son we have experience a lot more then we ever thought possible. The hospital visits, the side effects and the cost of treatment has truly taken a toll on the family life we have always wanted. Along the way we also have had family suffering from other diseases like Parkinsons, Cystic Fibrosis, heart problems, and two new cancer diagnosis, one on each side of our families. We have truly been through the fire in the last few years but we have never given up hope. Just when there is no way possible for us to believe anymore, someone comes along to help us out and make the burden lighter again. We all carry heavy loads but we carry them together and that makes all the difference during the long hard journey.

As seasons have changed in the world and in our lives we thank God Almighty, creator and sustainer of life and we thank our friends who are near and far, those we have never met face to face. We thank you for listening, giving, helping and caring and we know you would do it again. We can't wait to pay it forward as we continue our search for a cure and we hope to meet you all one day.

Looking forward to fall,

Brian, Jenny, Emma and Lincoln

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JeriGeary said...

Brian - as always you make me smile and make me think. I also love Sept. probably due to that is when school started for me as a child. New crayons, new paper, notebook, books. A chance to meet a new teacher and make new friends.
Iknow your family must be etedfor your MAW trip to Disney. I just wish you all had never needed to join the world you were thrust into.
In My Prayers,