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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Life Interrupted

If you have kids you know that when you are right in the middle of something important, like writing a blog, there is always a huge interruption. Right now my two kids are interrupting the rest of the house like this as I write, and it has taken me 22 minutes to write 2 sentences because they keep calling me to play...be right back after the next pillow fight.
Now 34 minutes later I have at least 3.5 minutes to add a few more words while they start winding down for the night. I always give them a 5 minute warning which is usually more like 15 and then my son shouts out, how about 6 more hours? Wouldn't that be nice. Now nearly an hour and a half later I am spending some quite time outside on my laptop, only to hear the neighbors screaming kids avoiding bed time. Good thing I have earphones and some loud music.
Life can be full of interruptions and we don't have time for most of them because when we finally get focused enough to be productive something unexpected always seems to come into play. Sometimes distractions come when we are trying ourselves to relax a little on a Sunday night or during the championship game that's only on once a year. How do we deal with those things that just don't have any room in our lives when there are greater and more demanding needs? Everyone needs a break from the relentless forces of distractions and I'll tell you from personal experience that you don't want to be caught with out some spare parts when a breakdown becomes a meltdown. 
Here is something I read today about a life interrupted, from a humorous advice column written by a friend of mine, please take a moment to read @ http://valleyrave.com/Advice-detail/ask-mr-bitter-10/
We now Interrupt You with a Word from...
For 13,500 families in the next 365 days there is one huge interruption that not a single one of them would ever expect to happen. From September 4th, 2012 to September 4th, 2013 thousands of families will inevitably experience a diagnosis of pediatric cancer that will peel the layers of their lives to the core. This isn't something that happens just once every ten years like a war, or every 4 years like the summer Olympics because it happens every year without fail. These people who's children will not get to go to school this year will not take an extended vacation to Disneyland because they will head straight to the ER of the closest children's hospital. Father's are going to have to drop out of their Fantasy Football Leagues and Mothers are going leave the comfort of their homes and away from the care of many other children because an extremely underfunded disease will take hostage a child from everything they ever knew. Our government will call this something that rarely happens but with the lost voices of children passing away day after day, someone must step in and speak up louder than ever before for the cause of children with cancer.
...The Truth
Right now you may be taking your very first step in advocating for childhood cancer this September and its so easy that you could do it during an earthquake.
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