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Saturday, September 22, 2012


When was the last time you felt overwhelmed? Today I started to feel it coming as I was working alone this Saturday afternoon after the last 5 days. The day was dragging on and just when I thought I was finished, my customer asked me to do one more difficult task. I started fuming about the job I was doing while trying to keep my customers happy, and on top of that I was in pain from my root canal In the moment I wanted to drive away and give it all up FOREVER!

If you felt what I did today, then you may have just felt a lot of stress from the daily grind, but when was the last time you were truly overwhelmed?

When I was a youth I went to a summer camp each year. During the week long camp, there was always a moment on the day before it ended, when everyone was gathered around with new friends who had become very close, and all of a sudden everyone was crying and hugging and wishing for just one more week together.

It was that kind of feeling that I think of as an overwhelming feeling. It wasn't something that happened in a moment or even a few hours, but during a certain amount of time when significant events had taken place. It actually felt like your whole life had changed in a few moments and this was a new beginning.

Sometimes an overwhelming moment can turn into an opportunity of a lifetime, can anyone say

Now what would it feel like to be in this guy's shoes?

This is a time in our lives, as people have been watching the previews for "The Truth 365" film, 
that could prove to be a very overwhelming moment for the childhood cancer community.
For children fighting for their lives from cancer, this will be their chance to shine in a truly life changing event.

...but Be Overwhelmed and make a conscience choice to do something today after witnessing the Truth about our kids fighting Cancer

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