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Sunday, September 2, 2012

We Believe!

This weekend I went to visit my brother and his family for a relaxing day during the holiday weekend. My sister joined us with her son so the boys could all play in the pool. My daughter Emma can handle herself with all of her boy cousins but with the new arrival of my niece she has someone to look forward to playing with. My wife also saw her brother and niece and nephew today and brought Lincoln along. I didn't realize it until then that all of these little ones Max, Amanda, Emma, Hunter, Bradyn, Ethan, Brynlee and Conner are all names I recognized from the kids that I follow who have cancer. Even though names are common it is terribly sad that I am aware of these names that my nephews and nieces share. It really says something about how many children have been affected by cancer but it says nothing about how rare children's cancer is.
In 2011 when the doctors diagnosed our 2 year old son Lincoln with leukemia, I would have more likely believed that dinosaurs were my neighbors pets, and they don't even have any. The rug was swiftly pulled out from under us and the life we thought we were on track to live was a dirt road to nowhere.
Our family had already lost a child just one year before that fateful day, and it felt like the final blow from the monster that had come to steal, kill and destroy our families faith. Hope felt out of reach and fear began to set in as our only sons life was being threatened by the unstoppable force of cancer. Now one year later we have overcome a lot of doubts but we can never look at our sons life the same way because we will never be 100% sure it won't come back.
Last September I payed close attention to every facebook page and caring bridge that had a child with cancer and I began to hope again. Even thought I witness one tragic loss after another from children of all ages and all types of cancers I noticed something that was undeniable. Through a network of families, friends and a significant amount of complete strangers, the hope that was shattered like glass on D-day would become like flakes of Gold, that once having gone through the fire, would be molded into a purified hope, that one day cancer would not longer be able to steal a child's life.
With the belief that people could join together as an army united "in the power of hope and the strength of peace" We believe we can make the world aware to fund and find a cure for our children fighting this fear. Let the Truth be heard with "One Voice" this September during childhood cancer awareness month @ http://thetruth365.org/
Do You Believe...   I Believe...   We Believe...
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Share the Truth that Hope is Alive Saving lives begins right here by signing the petition that demands funding for critical research http://thetruth365.org/petition/

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