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Saturday, September 1, 2012

State of Awareness

During the summer months there are a lot more people on the roads from other states here in Oregon. We drove up to Long Beach, Washington last weekend and I wanted to see how many license plates from other states I could find. Normally I would be unaware and only notice a few like Washington, Idaho and California, but as I actively looked for each state you wouldn't believe what I discovered. I have seen plates from Florida, Texas Alaska and even Hawaii but when I counted over 70% of our country within 120 miles of highway, I was shocked! The amount of people who wanted to visit a few small coastal towns in Oregon and Washington was almost mind blowing, but what's even more baffling is how many people are totally and utterly unaware of how many children in these states are diagnosed with cancer each and every year.

If you have ever heard the name Kyron Horman you know that the mission to find this missing child received national attention from right here in Oregon. For those who pay attention in their social media circles, cancer is worse than a serial kidnapper running rampant. What if 13,500 children vanished from their schools like Kyron did one day, would anybody notice? Would the news channels help in a campaign to reveal the ones responsible? When cancer steals a young persons life or their treatment keeps them from going to school like normal children, there is a massive void that cannot be refilled.

As September begins and children are going back to school we quickly become aware of school zones as children are walking safely to their classrooms.

Here is a great opportunity and reminder to keep yourself in a constant State of Awareness that thousands of children will be missing from their classrooms this year because of cancer.  When you pass through a school zone you cannot use your cell phone, but with your eyes wide open, you can say a prayer for the kids that will spend 7 days a week in a hospital because of limited treatment options. When you see the number 20, remember that more than twice as many kids will be diagnosed with cancer today, tomorrow and the next day. When you see the color yellow, remember that Living Strong is an understatement when kids fight cancer and they deserve a Gold medal on their journey to recovery. Finally when you see this...
...remember that you are responsible for watching out for all children everywhere.

Run for the White House for #OurKids @ https://www.facebook.com/RunForTheWhiteHouseForChildhoodCancerAwareness


Anonymous said...

I am from Tennessee. I love to read your blog and I wish that more people would do the same. You are right, time is running out for these children and the children that are diagnosed each and every day...we all need to feel the fear and sense of urgency to help spread awareness and to strive to find a cure. Everyone needs to do their part to raise money for research, heighten awareness and be warriors for these children as they fight for their lives!

London Dally said...

I am from the state of Pennsylvania. I am the mother of two amazing children. My son is 14 and just started his freshman year in high school. My daughter is 2 and a half. She was diagnosed with Stage3 Alveolar Rhabdomyosarcoma at age 9months. She has had very intense chemotherapy, radiation, and IORT -is an intensive radiation treatment that's administered during surgery. (Intra Operative Radiation Therapy.) There are long term side effects but She is cancer free. You dont know until you have a child fighting cancer!
We need to spread awareness. There are too many children fighting for their lives.

Nikki Erickson said...

Reading from Iowa. I give the upmost respect and support in this fight against cancer, and the fight to open the eyes of fellow Americans; but more importantly the public officials, because they are the ones who can change how our taxpayer dollars are spent! GO TEAM TRUTH 365!!!