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Sunday, August 29, 2010

It's just my opinion!

Have you heard someone recently tell you their opinion? They tell you something about someone that makes them sound very defensive or authoritative? Everyone has an opinion, its the right and freedom of every American, but there is something missing. With the right to form an opinion there must be a responsibility after the opinion is cast. The opinions of people today are also unfounded on anything other than personal feelings and emotional highs and lows. This blog is starting to sound opinionated, but I am actually suggesting something else.

First I want to talk about just what an opinion is and why it can cause so much disturbance. The lexical aid to the NAS Bible says "to give or form an opinion is to divide, separate, make a distinction or come to a decision. First of all, which part of an opinion helps someone, brings wholeness and healing? Which part shows kindness, mercy and compassion? Just my observation. To have an opinion is to think, esteem or decide. They being with thought, become esteemed as important, and bring about decisions that seem finalized in the heart of the opinioned.

There is one more thing an opinion is related to. In the Bible the word opinion is not used (are you ready for this?), instead the word judgement is. To cast an opinion is to cast a judgement on or about something or someone. To say I have an opinion feels more like I am judging you. Now how many times have you heard someone say "don't judge me?" Again I am trying to observe rather than subjuct to my feelings. So what do we do with our opinions? How shall we cast our judgments?

Jesus says in Matthew 7 "Do not judge.....(form opinions?) Wait, He can't say that! But read the rest....."lest you be judged. For in the way you judge; and by your standard of measure, it will be measured to you." So what he is saying is there will be consequences, but is that all? Should we avoid forming opinions because of consequences? Read more....."WHY do you look at the speck of dust in your brother's eye but do not notice the log in your own eye?" Safty First I always say. "You hypocrite! First take the log out.....then you will see clearly to HELP your brother!" Is that clear enough? Is your personal opinion so precious that you throw others under the bus? HOW will you now harness the power of the opinions that you form? How will you use them for good and not evil? How will you surrender you pride for the mercy of Christ? This is my hope, that we All find it in our hearts to keep some opinions in our stomachs as we swallow our pride. Enough for now......


Heather said...

This is good Brian. I think we all need to remember that words can hurt and so we should definitely choose them wisely. We all tend to compare ourselves to other people and what we should be doing is comparing ourselves to Christ. That will knock our pride down for sure! It is important to temper our remarks based on the person and though sometimes hard things need to be said, I would hope that the person would say it with love, having the other person's interests in mind and not one's own pride at the forefront. When I see someone say something or do something I want to respond to, I usually first ask, "Is this realy worth the argument, what will be gained by giving my opinion here." Usually I don't engage with someone in a debate unless I feel the argument is valuable for that person's soul or to correct some obvious error in theology. The ultimate goal for me in a debate like that would be to bring glory to Christ and not to "win the debate." No amount of words ever convinced anyone to change. Only the Holy Spirit can convict. I can plant seeds when I am called to and maybe they will reap rewards, maybe not.

I would be curious to note the Greek word in the verse where it talks about judging other beleiver's fruit. I will have to look it up. :)


Brian said...

Thanks Heather. Romans 14 talks specificly about opinions also.