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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Happy holidays and seasons greetings! The Jones Family has A LOT to share this year. In fact, this might be the first seasonal letter we have ever sent, except those to Santa of course. So prepare for some moments to laugh and cry, pray and feel joy, because we hope you feel as blessed as we did as this year comes to an end.
The beginning of 2010 started out as many do, Cold. Brian works outside everyday, and there was no lack of work as he was preparing for a big life change, that is a promotion and a raise! Only 3 people worked all of December 09' and all signs pointed to Fencing Manager in 2010. He believed in his heart God was preparing a significant change for him in his 33rd year, but this was just the beginning.
Jenny began the year sleeping a little more each night. With our one year old son (finally) sleeping through the night, she began to settle in as full time mommy again. She still works 1 day a week for a dentist who I would recommend the world too, and she still finds time for friends, church and the many other events she uses her talents for. She is very busy for the good of everyone else and as I once said on Facebook, "My wife rarely indulges in anything, except a well deserved Sunday afternoon nap."
Emma Alivia was growing fast as she continued through kindergarten, learning to recognize words and add numbers. She would ask what 100 and 100 make, so when she understood I taught her what a 'google' was. She would be a real big sister when she turned 6 in June and was counting the days until we went to Disneyland in April. She lost a few teeth or should I say wiggled them out herself. More money from the tooth fairy for Dentel School, I hope.
Lincoln Daniel is growing like a pumpkin. Fast and solid. It really took him a year and a half to sleep all night, but I every night was worth it just to hold my baby boy. We also adopted Buzz Lightyear into the family. I think Buzz was his first word. Lincoln spent a lot of time outside on his little scooter racing sissy safely on our private street. He loves cars, guys, choo-choos and getting into sissy room sometimes.
Life as we know it has been good this year, but we have had more than our share of heartache. Early this year on a Friday I was building a fence when I got a call that my Grandma went in for surgery and she was not waking up. My mom was already there with family but with her Parkinson's her health caused her do check in to the ER. I got on a plane the next day for a weekend family reunion no one planned for. Grandma passed away the night I got there and after a week in the waiting room, the family could begin greiving.
She lived a life no one would forget, but even in death God was not done with her.
In April, Jenny's parents took all of us for a family trip to Disneyland. I took Emma on Space Mountain first, big mistake! She only wanted to meet the Princesses after that.
Brian finally saw the benefits of his managment position in May. One of which, he did Not get stuck on this Summer long project of 7 miles of the same fence (about $200,000) Residential was more profitable anyways.
May 8th and June 30th were two days of joy and suffering. First on Jenny's birthday, we attended the "Walk for a Cure" for Cystic Fibrosis. My 7 year old nephew Conner was diagnosed when he was 1 and was fighting for every breath. Second, on our anniversary, we remembered Conner as he took his last breath on earth and his first in heaven with his Great grandma waiting.
Life as we know it will never be the same. We hold onto "The Hope" of the promise of our God who graciously received those who called on His name, Jesus.
Among life altering events here are a few quick memories.
We saw new life x2 in Jenny's family. We went to 2 weddings, one where Lincoln bolted down the asile in his tuxedo, then sprinted back to mommy. Emma pulled her top 2 teeth, and Lincoln nearly lost his early while jumping on the couch. Brian worked 2400+ hours so far and while managment is kicking in, the economy is still kicking back. Jenny helped with the childrens Christmas play and knows what she is getting for Christmas already.
2010 was an unforgettable year for obvious reasons, but the Love of family and friends keep us going through hard times. Life may be hard, but it is short too. We choose to let nothing get us to far down. The LORD is our Great Shepard, need I say more?

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