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Thursday, January 16, 2014

#BeHopeful in 2014

I wanted to take a few minutes tonight, as the host of the Run to the White House, to share why I am running in 2014. I wasn't much of a runner in 2013, or at least until January 25 when this new chapter in my life began. You see, in 2011 my own son Lincoln was diagnosed with ALL (leukemia) or in other words a monster who threaten my son's life. Don't think I was just going to stand by and let cancer take over with out a fight (literally the only fight I have ever been in) During 2011 and 2012 as my son went through his first year of treatment, my eyes were opened to the universe of childhood cancers. Then on day as I was walking the halls of our hospital during an appointment, I became aware of a child I had been following on facebook, who had passed away in a room nearby. Between the threat on my own son, and the reality that children were being lost to the monster, I knew it was my turn to face my fears face to face. I began to follow more and more families until I lost count of how many there were. I couldn't keep my eyes shut anymore to their world, and it became mine too. I wanted to do more to raise awareness, but I didn't know what. Then I got this crazy idea in my head to run across the country as a 2013 new years resolution. I ended up traveling from Oregon to Idaho and realized I still had not run 3 miles, and 599 miles in the snow only scratched the surface of a 3000 mile journey. Then in the dead of winter I decided I was going to start walking around the block a mile at a time. It must have been ten years, but I realized that I could still run and walking wasn't quite enough for me. Then I asked some friends if they would be interested in doing a virtual run, and I would call it the Run to the White House. Word got going quick and 50 people became 500. I was running 5 miles now looking forward to 7 and 10 and possibly my first half marathon. I asked the group if they would like to wear running shirts, and the Follow Me movement began. After running right off the maps I was creating and around the world a few times, it was time to make a decision: how am I going to get to the White House??? It didn't take long and I had my tickets booked, and the best part was that I was going to meet many who had been running with me at CureFest 2013 in Washington DC.

The 2014 event is already off to an Epic start and its only going to get bigger as you keep inspired by the kids you are running for. In the next week or two, ask yourself what you will do to help kids fight cancer. Some will run, others walk and many will even watch this even as we reach for a million miles by September. Will you Follow Me to the White House again to let our government know that childhood cancer is not rare and deserves more? Its as easy as joining the event and giving a few miles, or as many as you can this year, and even if you don't log one mile, you can invite all of your friends and ask them to sponsor a child with cancer by donating miles. The Run for the White House will blaze a trail across this country again in 2014 because we haven't given up hope for Our Kids. Be inspired, be active and #BeHopeful as you run this year. Thank you all, and God Bless our children!

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