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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Miles of Inspiration

"If you have ever walked a mile in someone else's shoes, you will see there is a difference. When you walk a mile with a child facing cancer, you will see the need for change, even if that means going a million miles to become the change they need."

January has been explosive to say the least, with runners and many others donating activities all through the middle of winter #InspiredByKids who fight cancer every day. Here are some amazing results from people who have decided that this was their year to Run for the White House to raise awareness and give a voice to our kids in 2015.

This year, unlike any year before, we took a new direction on our way to the White House to support our kids by creating team names and build team support in donating our miles and activities.

391 teams were registered in January for at least 391 kids fighting or in honor of the legacy they left behind.

36 states and 4 other countries were observed as supporting all of their kids in general, although there may have been a few more posting for their teams.

84 teams reached their first Run for the White House milestone of 25 posted activities

49 of those were recognized as reaching 50 or more posted activities lead by Race with Grace with 98

25 stepped up to reach the 100th milestone lead by Team Catherine 244,

10 blazed on to cover more than 250 posted activities lead by Smashing Walnuts with 464, (also WVKCC began grouping together following with 416)

and finally 3 teams transcended to the second highest milestone crossing 500 including:

Team Mathias #12 this months M.V.P. with 815 posted activities
The Juggernaut team of Sammy Rulz Cancer Droolz with 718 posted activities
and newcomer Run for Super David with 540 posted activities

During the first year of the event we started very late in January and February may have had 1000-2000 miles donated. Last year in January you donated over 50,000 and in February over 65,000.

This year there is more than a small rumble being heard in the distance from each and every state, because in 31 days of the opening month of this Event, you have donated a total of

97,176.28 miles!

#FollowMeNation, this is your #LaborOfLove #4OurKidsIn2015 #OnTheWayToTheWhiteHouse to raise awareness and #EliminateTheThreat for our kids now and for future generations.

Be Inspired, share your inspiration by taking Action, and never Ever give up fighting, running or dreaming for Our Kids facing cancer!


Anonymous said...

This is amazing - Heidi Pearson Hickam

Anonymous said...

Dawson's Dream Foundation.
Candy Bushan Bowman

brandy said...

How much does an hour of exercise covert for miles?

Brian said...

HI Brandy, we take care of all of that behind the scenes to make it easier and less confusing to you. Just give us your time and we will convert the miles. Thanks!