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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Conquer Childhood Cancer Challenge

If anyone has ever watched the TV show Survivor, you know that every day you have to outwit, outlast and outplay to survive the game, not only from the elements of living outdoors and making fire while starving, but you have to survive from being voted out of the game by your own tribe because they have realized you have become a threat to them.

Everyday children battling cancer are not playing games, but they are trying to survive from the threat that has made its way into their bodies which also affects their family and their home.

This month as we Run for the White House we want to join together on teams in the  #ConqureChildhoodCancerChallenge to eliminate the threat that has invaded our children's lives.

There will be a list of teams that have been created before this challenge who will be led by our Front Runners and you can join any, or all of them when posting your activities.

During this challenge the goal will be to donate miles on our teams by using our team hash tags to raise awareness about each type of childhood cancer. As miles are donated, they will be like votes cast against each type of childhood cancer as they rise up on our leaderboard. Once each team donates 10,000 miles the threat of the type of cancer will be eliminated and you can help others to conquer their types of cancer.

Here are some of the teams that are ready to Conquer Childhood Cancer in June!


If you have another team you want to create you are free to add them in, but use the same hash tag each time so we keep connected with the hyperlinks.

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