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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Being Aware should not be Rare

Lincoln woke up this morning and we noticed he was shivering like he was cold. He didn't sleep very well at all and we were concerned enough about him yesterday that we took him to the ER, but that was because the clinic was closed. The doctor told us today that his blood counts were very low but not too low and if he didn't have a fever he probably didn't have an infection. It was most likely the chemo. I remember how bad it was during the first month with the steriods and this is very similar. Its something you never want your child to go through, but for Lincoln his conditions seem Rare. The reason I say that they are rare is because he is doing so well. I have read countless stories of kids with cancer who are suffering beyond belief. Don't ask me how I do it because it could be so much worse. There are so many kids that are living in a hospital in isolation because of they are having a bone marrow transplant. They are hundreds of miles from home or in constant pain and on a morphine drip because of neuroblastoma. There are those with no hope at all because they have an inoperable tumor called DIPG and there are those who are dying because their chemotherapy if failing to do what doctors have to Hope will work. Pediatric cancer is so underfunded because of lower numbers. Breast cancer may have some 200,000 new cases each year and kids only 30,000 but that doesn't mean kids with cancer are RARE.

Just yesterday I read a blog that said children with cancer was exceedingly rare. This coming from someone who is an advocate for curing cancer. I admit that throughout my life I had only known of 2 children, that I can remember, who had cancer. Now that my son has a cancer diagnosis I am fully aware. I don't want this to have to happen to other people like it did to me, so I am on a mission to make people aware. I may sound like old news by now and thankfully I don't have much urgent news with my son, but there are hundreds of children that I follow now and share their stories on my facebook pages and blog. The author of this blog was so insensitive that you would think he did not even have children, but now he is aware that childhood cancer is not rare because of the outcry of parents and supporters of these dying children. People also need to realize that when there are donations made to raise funds for cancer research, there is very little that goes to actual pediatric cancer research. If you are going to donate or raise awareness and lead others to donate, you need to know where that money is going. The society that this blogger belongs too allegedly only gives 1/2 a cent of every dollar raised to research for childrens cancer research. Now there are non profits that are committed to giving 97-100% to research because some of these methods are 40 and 50 years old.

I will be researching more and adding links for a cure on my blog soon so you know where your money goes. My sons journey is not over yet and anything can happen with cancer. Remember it is the number 1 killer of kids, will you help me fight for my son and for other children?

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