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Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Numbers are In

This year is already looking like its going to be a year to celebrate. With all that is going on in the world surrounding our kids with cancer, I am looking up and looking ahead. Sometimes some ugly things happen to get people more motivated than every before and the bomb that the ACS dropped on the parents of kids with cancer has lit a wildfire that cannot be contained. I am excited to announce some numbers that will get peoples attention as numbers usually do and I want to take this opportunity to let you know how important numbers can be in getting people's attention. The numbers 46 and 7 seem very small but as many people are becoming aware of kids with cancer, they realize that 46 families will receive a diagnosis of cancer today and 7 families will be devastated because cancer has taken their child's life. That's not something you hear on the news everyday but more and more people are getting the word out that these numbers are very important. Since my son was diagnosed with A.L.L. a cancer of the blood last July I started writing in my blog and saw nearly 5000 hits on my blog in the first month. Many people wanted to hear what was going on and I wanted to be the one to tell them and thanks to technology I could let my voice and our families pain be heard. Now I have 10,000 hits from almost every state in the country and in many parts of the world.

When I saw that people were concerned and wanted to know more I started a page for my son on facebook for a quick look inside his journey. Today 700 people subscribe to his updates and pray for him daily. Since people were paying so much attention to my son, I started to see other kids pages popping up and wanted to know more about them. When I saw how many people had pages for their kids I wanted to help gain attention to them and I created my first facebook page to promote awareness for them. The Red Carpet Kids for a Cure is a special page where we not only update but we Celebrate our kids and the journey they are on as they fight for their lives with unprecidented courage and faith. Their stories need to be heard above all of the worthless drama that the entertainment industry shoves down our throats every day. Our kids are our superheros and we want to see them win. This page just got to 500 as I was writing this.

I started to notice a lot of those 'copy and paste' messages that say "if you know someone with cancer....copy and paste this to your status for one hour." I felt like these people wanted to be heard and that they wanted to shout it out with their own words. I started the facebook page Speak Up to Silence Cancer and I want people to use their freedom of speech to cry out as if going into battle against this enemy. There are more than 100 people that have spoken up and hundreds more that can take advantage of this opportunity to silence this killer and theif.

Numbers draw peoples attention and I want to see numbers grow as awareness for kids with cancer goes viral this year. Take advantage and overwhelm facebook, twitter and google. LIKE every post, page and comment and people will start to take notice. My goal is to see 1000 LIKES on every kids page. We can't let our kids keep dying because the people with the resources to fund research in this country haven't heard our voices.

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