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Friday, December 28, 2012

America's Providence

Writing this blog today has been about as difficult as all of the events of this year combined. There is so much on my mind right now that is making me think the world actually did end in 2012. After asking friends how they would describe this year, I heard a lot more negative than positive, and I don't blame them. What should feel like a country united, feels like a country on the verge of imminent collapse. Between this so called fiscal cliff and the massacre of 20 children, we still have kids dying of cancer and other life threatening diseases that are out of control. To say the least our country has been stripped down to its core and our emotional state is raw from the loss and pain that we are suffering.
I think people are looking forward to this next year only to see 2012 placed in history as a year that would have better been forgotten. Since the world did not end this year I think we need to find some new motivation and we need to find it fast. I have been searching the internet for something that would give me inspiration but everything currently happening feels too much like a hot topic issue.
Today I went to the one place that this country should go to take a good look and remember that in order for us to be a nation united again, we need a renewed faith in our "Declaration of Independence." As I read it from beginning to end, I felt the heart of our founding forefathers beating inside of me like I was part of this great historical enactment. The unity of our leaders declareing their freedom from a tyrannical king took my fears and turned them to faith again. The words that resonate are the words that our country needs to feel as I did today: A firm reliance on the protection of "Divine Providence."
I urge you to watch this video tonight and share it with people that you know. I hear the voices beyond the grave of those who wrote this declaration: "We Need God in America Again!"
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