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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Crossing the Threshold

I will never understand why the world is the way it is today. Whatever has been right is now left, and whatever used to be up is down. The days have become night and the world feels like it is spinning in the opposite direction than it has been for thousands of years. Everyone has a way of explaining their point of view with a truth like logic, but even with the most persuasive arguments, the truth seems nowhere to be found. This week when children lost their lives, the world cried out with excuses. First it was this and then it was that, and then when everyone was up in arms about the matter, this tragedy was trampled on by even more hate and disgust for each others opinions. I am even more disturbed by the way that people want to go off accusing so many different things and refuse to just share the weight of the world with this small undeserving town in the middle of the holiday season. "Why" may be the hardest question we have yet to see the answer to.

I want to tell you a story that sounds very much like the one you heard about this week. It begins with a young man who when growing up only called one or two people his friends. He left high school early to go out on his own but didn't find love or great success or much of anything else. It was a very dark time for about three years until one day he walked into a building full of kids and his life was changed forever.

After nearly meeting his Maker and feeling his world had been spinning out of control, his life was finally beginning to turn in a new direction, but before this paradigm shift was to take place he had to reach the point of no return and his heart had to be completely broken.

He knew the life he had could no longer be lived and the one he was seeking meant he would lose everything he had, but on that day when he crossed that threshold...

...I did it without looking back as I put MY Hope in grace of God.

This is the Truth that I live by and the treasure that I share with the youth and young adults of the world, but just like the man I used to be I pray the world would be willing to face the pain of change. Tonight I cry out for mercy for the things I am responsible for and ask with this song, Jesus break our hearts for what breaks yours.


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