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Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Window

My son Lincoln loves to play with his toys. He plays and plays and plays and plays because he is a boy and this is the world he knows. He has Lego's and superheros and costumes to dress up in and he runs around the house flying back and forth. He hasn't been able to go outside as much in the last year during his chemotherapy, but his favorite place to play with his toys is at the window, where he can look outside and sometimes see a hummingbird or squirrel, or at night watch the bugs being zapped.
During Lincoln's time in the hospital in 2011 and 2012 he felt right at home, even when his port was accessed and there were tubes hanging from his chest. His window was right there and he would take his toys from his back pack and would enter into the world that only he knew.

There were times when he was so focused on playing at the window that you could see it on his face (and you could hear it in the incredible sound effects he can make)
Some days he would just look out the window to see what he could see, or just to let his mind wander away from the pain of the IVs and the hospital room that he was confined to.

Most of the time he was as happy as a boy should be...
 ...possibly even happier as he continued to crush cancer like an army of American soldiers dominating their enemies.
There hasn't been a day that has gone by that Lincoln hasn't wanted to spend time focusing in this window, knowing that his world is a child's world.

 Lincoln's window is a window of opportunity for normal childhood development, but his life is far from developing normally as cancer continues threaten him and thousands upon thousands of other children in this country like an unseen terrorist organization.
Until our country, its leaders and millions of its citizens stand up and declare the elimination of the threat of childhood cancer to our future generations, kids like Lincoln will continue to suffer and die from the number one disease killer of children.
 There is a window...
Everyday there is a window of opportunity for people to spread awareness, but one window will soon be closing, unable to be opened for another year.
 If we join together and put some pressure on our President, congress and senators to eliminate childhood cancer as a threat this year, we could see the beginning of the end of this monster.

Don't let this window close on kids like Lincoln.
Join us in our efforts to eliminate childhood cancer as a threat to all children @
"Journey 4 a Cure" Letter Writing Campaign
"The Truth 365" Pledge
"Run for the White House for Childhood Cancer Awareness" Join the Event


Hope4Gavin said...

The Window! Gavin loves looking out the window. If hears a truck he runs to go see it. We have som many pictures of him looking out the window, while he is stuck inside.

Anonymous said...

Beautifully stated. We, too, know the window all too well. And it's not just our 4 year old Jake, that is drawn to the window, we too want to see and touch and know all the things on the other side of that windowpane. Prayers for Lincoln!