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Sunday, May 19, 2013

A Great Day!

What an amazing day it has been already! Let me just go right into it today.
After running this week and setting a few new personal records I decided today would be my long run. We went to church in West Salem after taking some time away since my father in law Pastor Bob past away. It was wonderful with the new pastor Nathan and his great message about the power of God's Word. I planned on running right out of church, but I never really planned how far I would go. I ran down the hill and across the old railroad bridge that is now a pedestrian bridge and started heading north through Salem toward Keizer. My wife left church but didn't see me because I was running on the other one way street. She finally caught me in Keizer and said she was going to lunch, so at that point I had to run all the way home. I ran half way through Keizer and turned east on Chemawa to head toward Keizer Station. On the way I saw a few runners and people on bikes, but then I saw this one runner and handed him my Run for the White House business card. I could hear him thanking me as I ran away, I wonder if he will join our virtual event @ https://www.facebook.com/events/129786293855902/

I ran through KS where the Iris Festival was going on, but I didn't see anymore runners from the races this morning. I continued on the back road where the race was held and reached the point where I ran two days ago in the Iris fields. It was a beautiful sight with hundreds of different colors these flowers produce in these very large fields.
I was on the home stretch with some great running music in my iPod and when I got to my neighborhood I started to wonder how far I had run. Previously my longest distance was 9.75 miles and as I walked a lap to cool down I saw that someone had just arrived at my house. It was our friends from 4Him2Day who have sponsored Lincoln in their fundraising efforts to help families who have children with cancer.  https://www.facebook.com/pages/4Him2Day-Childrens-Cancer-Resource-Foundation/110755938957530
They had received more donations from their last event and wanted to share with us. I started talking to Craig about the fundraiser coming up where people will run to help our kids. I was wearing my "Follow Me" shirt from the run I just finished and I thought about forming a team with all of my friends in Salem for their event in June.
After talking with him for awhile I came inside to rest and have some water. I opened up facebook and I could hardly believe my eyes as my new friends from Miles2Give (Landon Cooper) https://www.facebook.com/www.miles2give.org
 who are running against cancer across the USA, were standing there wearing the same shirt I was. I sent them these shirts when they were in Colorado and now they have reached Nebraska and will continue to raise awareness for this horrible disease. Please click on their link and LIKE their page for me.
I almost forgot, I check my route on Daily Mile.com and I had run 11.86 miles http://www.dailymile.com/people/brian_jones_bri/entries/22820573
Now its time to eat, have a great day! Keep fighting for our kids!

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