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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Welcome to My Blog

Welcome to Brian's Phirst Blog, if you are new to my blog take some time to read the latest blog entries and explore my links to learn as much as you can about how we can fight for Our Kids against childhood cancers. Currently we are running as a nation and around the world to bring attention to our US government that pediatric cancers are NOT Rare! Join us in a virtual effort https://www.facebook.com/events/129786293855902/ to bring real Awareness to these kids who are still losing to cancer at the rate of 7 per day 365 days of a year.

My own son Lincoln was diagnosed with leukemia after we noticed something when he was out in the sun one summer day in 2011. He is doing very well against the most common form of leukemia, but he has been fortunate as many children suffer in hospitals and their playground are the hallways where nurses monitor them day and night. You can follow his journey and support him on his links on the right side of my blog.

I am one of the social media manager of the Truth 365 film and social media campaign. If you have not seen the film released late last year, take 51 minutes of your life and watch with a purpose in your heart that you CAN make a difference. Click the picture to the right.

I have some friends running across the country and giving their miles to fight sarcoma cancers, especially for young people. Check out their journey and join them with a big LIKE on their facebook page @ Miles2Give.

I want to support anyone who wants to Be a Voice to the little ones who deserve to be heard in a world that is to busy for kids. If you would like to share something with me, share it with me on my blog page (link on the right again) Check out my friend Tony Stoddard's page @ https://www.facebook.com/yellowandgoldforcole

September is National childhood cancer awareness month and 2013 is going to not only bring awareness for Our Kids but a celebration of their lives as they continue to journey the Unknown Trail of pediatric cancer. Please stand with me and those who want to Eliminate the Threat of Childhood Cancers once and for all. Take a look at my blog over the last 2 years to find out how to fight for Our Kids!

I had some shirts made for our Run to the White House and have sent over 100 so far! You can preorder one with your sized, color (light or dark blues) men's women's or children's and your mailing address. Once I confirm this I will let you know how to get one by making a donation to support our event in 2013. Email me @ ricksson33@yahoo.com

Don't forget to Tweet Brian's Phirst Blog in 2013 and follow me @FollowMeIn2013. Thanks!

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