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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Are You Aware?

September 1st is going to be the beginning of a lot of new changes. Kids are going to school, families are finishing their summer vacations and the weather is trying to cool down. New routines begin and staying up late comes to an end, but for families with cancer all things can change in an instant. September is the month for the Awareness of Childhood Cancer and as I say while playing poker, "I'm ALL-IN!"

This September many will mourn those lost in the attacks on the day of 9/11, but many more will not realize that 46 kids will be diagnosed with cancer and 7 will lose theirs lives each day, everyday, all year long. While there are many efforts to promote the newest TV episodes, reality shows, awards events and movies, those who fight to save their own children will be overlooked. This month you can make a choice by choosing to be ignorant of the fact that kids can be cured of cancer, or choosing go help make people aware throughout the most powerful tool available today, social media and the Internet. There is no time to lose and our children are our future, so why not take the batteries out of the tv controller and save a few bucks from your daily caffeine fix and be a part in making a difference for a family who will spend more on medical bills than they make in a year.

Our children, the ones who fight for their lives daily from brain tumors, blood cancer, sever pain and loss of their ability to just be kids. These kids are superhero's and no one can fight like they do and they deserve all that we can give them. That is why I created "The Red Carpet Kids for the Cure"
This is a way you can become aware and dive into their world. Just by bringing awareness you will cause ripples to become waves of destruction for cancer. Just by clicking "like" on a cancer awareness page, you are spreading the word to people who will donate thousands to research. All you have to do is mention someone you know that has a suffering child and people listen for a reason to give whatever they can. Small steps lead to great leaps and we are so close to so many cures that just need your attention for one month. Don't let this moment pass when the moment presents itself to your heart. There are cancer survivors and there are those who barely survive because their child was lost. Pray, give, and don't look back, Today is Your day to Choose and these kids need you.

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