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Friday, August 26, 2011

To My Celebrity Kids:

Today is the end of the longest two weeks of this summer. It has been very hot working outside and is almost more miserable than the cold winter rain. The end of the summer means new beginnings for us though.

Lincoln is on a short break from his daily chemo treatment but still visits weekly for blood counts. He is becoming more familiar all the time with his treatment, even calling the port access his Snakey. Emma has naturally played outside all summer but soon will find herself tired and going to bed early as school begins. Jenny and I are doing well, but we have our moments with Lincoln and feel the stress of the feelings he has.

I have been keeping up with other kids who are fighting like Lincoln and I have noticed a need that could be met. The last thing I would ever want to happen is to let my sons illness consume me. So I want to keep ahead of any potential grief and start giving to others in their time of greatest need.
I am starting a Facebook page the will be like many others dedicated to children and families in their suffering, but with a unique, fresh flavor. I won't announce the name of it until I set it up and launch it into cyber space, but it will share awareness with many other pages about the devastation of a child's disease and how to find hope in impossible circumstances.

Since my blog has had 6000 hits and Caring Bridge has 5000 (relatively small in comparison to many others) I see fit to continue to draw attention to those who need it most. Everyday you hear about celebrities who make millions of dollars and spend it on meaningless things, but its not everyday that you hear about extraordinary children who fight for their lives and deserve to be heard about. When enough people raise these children up, they will be heard from, money will be raised and a cure will be found.

Wouldn't it be great if Every Celebrity would personally sponsor a group of children with specific illnesses until a cure could be found. I hope each child who fights their battle daily would achieve celebrity status because they are the ones who deserve celebrity like attention. For all kids who have fought, who still battle on and who have been laid to rest, your Red Carpet Event is coming and your stories will be heard until your cure is found.

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