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Monday, August 22, 2011

Seasons Change

Lincoln's appointment went very well today. Very well except when he was told he would not get his Snakey (his port accessed) He threw a fit because he does not need medicine for the next two weeks.
I'm just guessing but I don't think he realizes that this is a good thing :)He is happy at home now and doing very well, thanks to everyone who thinks and prays for him. Now that we can all have a little break, we can shift our focus to other matters.

First of all and more importantly I have become Aware of the cancer community in Oregon and around the world. I am also aware of other children's diseases that have recently taken lives and I can't help but do something about it. Before I go on I want to ask You, who have become aware of our story, to help me by doing what you are already doing for us, by praying and thinking about these children as I share awareness of their stories. They need an outpouring of support as they face odds that seem medically and financially impossible. There will be new diagnosis children, kids in treatment and even terminal patients that need all we can give them.
I will do my best to share awareness but I won't have all the answers, at least yet. I want them to see what I've seen through Caring Bridge and Facebook and I want to help families who don't have a Caring Bridge to have one even if I have to set it up and write it for them. Every child with a disease deserves more attention than the latest celebrity gossip. I am passionate about this and I am committed for life but I need your help.

We are now looking into financial aid and discounts because our health care system is at a very challenging time. I am also facing an early end to our season of fencing with up to six months of slow business. I am a manager but I am an installer and my job depends on sales. I'm not asking for handouts, but I am looking for all avenues that are available for aid. Even with the health insurance that seems so relatively now, we will give up everything for our son. We only wish we could help others who need it more. We trust God with everything as He has proven over and over that he provides us with our every need.

We are coming up on the school year and will start a new routine with Emma. We will have more homework time and less play time, early to bed and early to rise. We will need to focus more on family time as we have been pulled in many directions this summer. We also look forward to seeing family and friends we have been missing all summer.

In October Lincoln will be in the hospital for a few days as part of his treatment. I will spend my paid vacation time which will be hard because I am giving up precious jobs that pay well. I do need a break though because last year I waited until November for some days away.

We are all feeling great right now because we know we have your love and support and we need it daily. Thanks again, Brian, Jenny, Emma and Lincoln.


momcologist said...

Found your blog from a comment you posted on Ethan's page. I am enjoying reading over it. I also am AWARE of childhood cancer because my precious daughter was diagnosed with cancer. She had DSRCT and was diagnosed on January 23, 2009. Sadly, she passed away in June. The greatest tragedy of my life. You are welcome to read over her caringbridge and our journey at:
I also have a website dedicated to the writings of those who love a child with cancer. A group of us came up with the name "momcologist" to describe ourselves! So the website is for all the momcologists, dadcologists, auntcologists etc who would like to write. If you are interested please visit the site and read the submission guidelines.
Would love to have you. Anyhow......one day at a time - peace and blessings to you and your family!
Kirsten - momcologist to Rhema

nicole said...

I recently started reading your posts because you posted on Bo's wall. I've been praying for Lincoln and your family. I decided to comment on this post because your talking about help and finances and awareness... Now I have a 15 mo old son and honestly, until I read Bos story I pretty much thought it was fairly rare. Thats rather ignorant of me.. But when its not in your daily life then how often do you think of it, ya know.. My point is I think a lot of people just dont think of it. They think the same way I did. I agree. There needs to be way more awareness! Im going to think. And pray. .. Something will come to me. An idea to help. Cause I would donate but im broke as a joke in college and my husbands a mechanic. Lol. Not too much cash flow.. Im sorry for rambling. You'll hear back from me soon. :-)