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Friday, October 14, 2011

Time for a Break

Vacation, vacation, vacation is the only thing I have been thinking about for the last month. I have worked nearly 2000 hours this year already where normal full time jobs (40hrs a week 50 weeks a year) end. Now as I think about how fast this year has gone by I need some time to process it.

Unfortunately my vacation won't be much of one as I have scheduled it according to my son Lincoln's chemotherapy/treatment plan, spending most of it in the hospital with him like I did over the 4th of July weekend. Its really not a bad place to be, first because it's far away from work and I can do a lot of catching up and moving ahead with my real life mission of finding a cure for kids cancer.

This is usually my favorite time of the year because a lot of things happen like work slowing down to 40- hours a week, football, poker nights and the weather cooling down. I live in a park where there are nearly 100 oak trees and I like cleaning up leaves whenever they fall and cover my lawn. The Oregon rain makes it way back from summer vacation but we still have many warm and sunny days in the fall, but all of these things are what Usually make me feel good this time of year.

This year I will be thankful more than ever that, even though my family is not perfectly healthy, we still have each others lives to share.

Looking forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas time to end this year, but for now I will enjoy simple things like the the colors of the leaves changing and the chance to get a little more sleep.

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