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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Unfinished Business

Here we are at Doernbecher's Children's Hospital again in Portland Oregon. Since July 1st we have been here at least once a week on average. Today Lincoln had blood drawn and counted and he was good to go on his next course of chemotherapy. It's still a little bit strange saying Chemotherapy,
but we are use to it already. Only four months ago we never would have imagined we would be here with our youngest and only son, the love of our lives. When cancer entered our universe, we realized how small it really was and how big we needed a Savior. With hundreds, maybe thousands of people praying for a little boy by the special name of Lincoln, we have come to this point in his journey and we are vigilant of the waywardness that cancers path can take, but we are not alone. Whether God's Holy Spirit or angels among us, we believe cancer is being held at bay and Lincoln is being spared of suffering. Not everything has been a dream come true, but we have been spared the nightmares so far that cancer strikes so many families with. I think of a boy named Ethan and a girl named Faith who were in this very hospital, the place where they began their ascension  into heaven. Now their families pray for peace for their own suffering as their children are free on "angels wings." It makes me wonder who of all of the kids I saw today will end their journey here. I saw a lot of them and got to know their names today, but even those who seemed to suffer the most still smiled the biggest and that gave me hope.
Lincoln should only be here for 3-4 days and then again for another 3-4 starting on Halloween.
The main reason is that his medicine takes a long time to go into his body through his port, so he has to stay hooked up. He also has to have a counter medicine to keep the good blood cells safe. The main side effects will be upset stomach or mouth sores. He has been sensitive to flushing out the port each time but no other real complications that I can think of.
It's too hard to predict the future but our doctor remains optimistic  with how everything has been going. He will continue to have clinic visits and oral meds for the rest of the year but for now we feel
peace that prayers are being answered because God is not done with Lincoln yet.

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