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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Happy Birthday Lincoln

Today is my son Lincoln's 3rd birthday and as I sit here tonight with him watching his new Batman movie I think about how much of a blessing he has been in 3 short years. For two and a half years we watched our baby boy grow up into this Terrific toddler. He was doing so well as every parent would expect until that fateful day July 1st, 2011 when he was diagnosed with leukemia (ALL) In the last three months our world has stopped and we have counted each moment a blessing because we did know if it could be our last. Today as he is in remission his little body still battles the drugs that both help and hurt it. He has had an incredible amount of support from friends family and the Children's Cancer Community. He has people thinking about and praying for him all over the US, Afganistan, England, South Africa, Australia and many other places. He prays each night for Mommy, Daddy, Emma, Lincoln, Jesus, cousins friends and all the Sick Kids. His favorite color is Green and Yellow is the first color he learned to recognize, so he obviously likes Green Bay like his daddy. Buzz and Woody are his favorite toys along with Cars and "guys" which are any comic book hero, especially Batman. He doesn't get to go many places anymore but he loves to play at home and visit Grammy's across the street all the time. He got to Make a Wish and gets to go to Disney Land next year, maybe for his birthday. He loves everyone he meets and looks forward to seeing them again and again.
One day I hope we can celebrate his birthday with all the people that have supported him so he can meet all of you. We want to start a foundation in his name soon so we can spread awareness and fund the critical research that is so close to finding a cure for the number 1 killer of children. Everynight Lincoln asks "When the Sun comes up can we do that?" My hope is that he will be cured completely in a very short time and that other kids will wake up one day with the sun and with a cure.


momcologist said...

Amen! Happy birthday Lincoln

Aly's mommy said...

I have come across this blog via a facebook connection ... and I am currently living the similar life you are. My daughter Aly just turned 3 on Oct 8th, 2011 and she was diagnosed with ALL on June 28th of this year. Wow how things change. I will continue to follow your blog and feel free to check mine out as well. If you ever need to chat or vent to a mom that is going through the same thing please do not hesitate ... www.alyfightsleukemia@blogspot.com
You and your family will be in our thoughts!