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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Lincoln's Journey 11 Months Later

This week Lincoln had to take steroids as part of his chemotherapy. He did very well and ate a lot and is feeling about as good as a 3 year old can feel. He is going on 11 months since cancer attacked his blood and made him sick to his tummy. Tonight he is playing on the window sill with all of his army men and wearing his Cars pjs. He is talking more and more like an adult, but yesterday day said something about his "Super nake" He make the s sound for super but not snake =) I still wish everday we could go outside or somewhere that he could have some fun but we are so close to long term maintence when we will not see his blood count drop into the risky numbers when he could get real sick. We are looking forward to the 4th of July this year when we can sit in our front yard and watch all of the fireworks in the neighborhood instead of from the hospital like last year. Memorial Day is coming soon which is the one day I know I can break away from work and just be with the family. I am also working on a back yard project that I hope to have done before the 4th of July. Its another short night after working 11 hours so that is all for now, good night. Please take a look at my new page where I will share all of my favorite things with my friends @ http://www.facebook.com/briansphirstblog

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JeriGeary said...

Praying that y'all have many great times coming up when his counts bounce back and stay up.