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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Hungry for the Truth

Its still a few days away but I'm sure many people are already thinking about Thanksgiving dinner with their families. The turkey, the stuffing, the potatos and the rest of the spread that my mind is trying to trick me into smelling right now! Now I'm hungry.

I just received a message that is sure to be a teaser, but I got a little taste of the something else many have been waiting for. The highly anticipated film about childhood cancer, "The Truth 365" is being prepared like a feast for a King. As one of the volunteers for releasing the film into social media, I have been preparing for months to serve this message about our kids fighting cancer. The time that it has taken will be well worth the wait and those with an appetite for the Truth will especially be satisfied when they see the entire film (18 minutes of which I have been able to preview.)
In preparation for the Big Feast, here is a short film that is sure to make you smile. Jack made a big impact before he finished his journey, but did not leave without a sharing a message to fight for kids in their battle with cancer.

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