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Sunday, November 11, 2012

My Little Veterans

When you think of Veterans day, you think of all the men and women who have served and even sacrificed their lives for our countries freedom. I used to I think of Veternas day as my brother's birthday and how he used to get the day off of school every year. Today on Veterans day I have found a whole new meaning for those who have given themselves, even to the very last breath, to serve children of the future who are still searcing for a cure in the war on cancer.
As all Veterans know, freedom has never been free, liberty has not been without sacrifice and those who fought hard and still came home to their families have many battle scars that will remain in their lifetime. As one who was afraid to join the armed forces, I took my freedom as a youth and ran around like it was a free trip to Disneyland, never counting the cost. Now as I meet real people, even younger than me who have served so that I could live another day without fear, I feel a deep respect and honor for these who gave years of their life away from their families.

Today I would like to honor my 4 year old son Lincoln as a veteran in the war on cancer. With blood, sweat and tears, he has spent the last 16 months enduring chemotherapy and fighing in a war zone inside his own little body. He is one of over 13,000 that began this journey just this year, and will continue his battle for a two more years before he can be in the safe zone again without the need of these chemicals of mass destruction.

For the 2500 children who's battle ended this year, your sacrifice will not be forgotton. For kids like Lane, Jessie, Jack, Gabby, Lennon, Lilly, and Brennan, just to name a few, this fight will not end without honoring your sacrifice for those who still seek a cure.

Since there is no Veterans day for children fighting for their lives, let today remind you that those who served for our countires freedom, serve for children who want so badly just to be kids again, free of cancer.

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