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Thursday, February 23, 2012


I think I had a dream last night and I don't remember many details, as most dreams are hard to remember, but I remember the emotion behind it. I felt like my eyes were tired, like I couldn't look into the face of cancer anymore and show my bravery. I felt like I was heartbroken and then today that dream began to materialize. I just read one post on facebook, just one post from one person that spoke of 3 children that died in the last 18 hours. I have become aware of over 100 kids with cancer since my own sons diagnosis and I have become aware of many who have passed away as the cancer consumed their little bodies. I am aware that on average 46 kids are diagnosed everyday with cancer and 7 die. Today I knew of 3 that died which means there may have been more than the average 7 since there are thousands more that don't even use facebook. I also heard many parents who have children doing well with their treatment who have felt threatened by cancer after remission. I don't want to be one of those parents because I wish my son never had cancer to begin with. I face cancer everyday, but today is different, the losses are to many and are no good reasons, none.

It seems that life moves at a pace that no one can keep up with, but it is also a race to get as much out of it before it expires. We run this marathon like it were a 40 yard dash and we push and shove to get ahead because it is a competetive race. There is very little room for mistake and those who are good at what they do win when they minimize their mistakes. Most people like winning and no one enjoys losing. With most things in life there always seems to be a prize, but for kids with cancer these prizes are to far out of reach. We all know life is too short but we rarly look at the short life that kids with cancer have. You may be in this race, but you don't have to be the winner, you just need to never give up, and when you never Ever give up you cannot fail. Watch this video and imagine the life of a child with cancer as I imagine my son in this race we call life.


Anonymous said...

the most inspirstional video faith and love and hope never gives up.amen gblu Eve

Cindy said...

I remember that race Brian, I cried then & now, what you wrote today was so beautiful, many hearts will be broken today����