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Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Underdogs

After watching the Superbowl today I realized something that no one likes. When you pick a team and you put your heart and faith into that team to win for you then you don't want to lose. The worst part is when your team does lose and you become disappointed, you find other people rubbing it in saying how bad you lost. My favorite team lost in the playoffs to the team that would end up as the champions tonight, so I picked the Giants even thought they beat my team. I don't want to be the one to rub it in to my friends who like the Patriots because I'm not really a big Giants fan anyways, but here is something I want to relate this to. When you are faced with a life threatening diseases such as cancer, you are always going to be the underdog. You will fight will all that you have, but you already know that you are playing a game against a proven champion who has won to many times. I try to avoid being a bandwagon fan because you can often miss out out some of the great victories like Tim Tebow's first playoff game. Tonight as you celebrate or mourn, please remember our kids fighting cancer and give them all of your heart and soul even thought there will often be defeat.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you! I could not agree more. It is strange because I did not even think about all the kids fighting while I was comfortable at my grandmas house watching the game. I sat and colored with my son and chatted, ate some food and hoped my team would win, and even complained that I had seen better games and was just bummed my team was not in the game. BUT when I got home, I checked my Fighting to Cure DIPG page and saw one post after another about children doing poorly on their treatments. My heart wrenched that I had been out having a good time while other familes were taking their children to the hospital or learning for the first time a battle for their life was before them. My heart aches! Not that it was wrong to watch the superbowl, but WOW! We have some real life champions in our world... the real ones, the kids who fight day in and day out, the parents who care for them, the doctors and nurses who do all they can to comfort the families, grow attached to the families and have to say goodbye, and sometimes that good bye is not a Yeah we finished treatment.....at any rate (sorry so long winded) Thank you for this post.....While I do not feel it is enough, I am doing all I can to raise awareness about the cancer that took my sons life (hence Fighting to cure DIPG), and he is in heaven, but there are so many familes fighting right now and I wish so badly I could take it all from them, but I have only one powerful weapon...prayer....pray for a cure, pray for healing, pray for what I can do in the world to make a difference.
Thank you for your post.