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Friday, December 16, 2011

Battle Cry

This year before my son was diagnosed with leukemia (ALL) I heard a lot about cancer from people who knew other people who were fighing for their lives. My thought was, "that's too bad" and I went on with my day. Now that I am faced with a life threatening disease in my own home, I want to scream to anyone who is listening, "LET'S GET MOVING AND FIND A CURE." 

The simple word cancer has become: Monster, Theif, Child Killer, Destroyer and so on. So now that I know cancers true identity, I can fight it with the weapons I have available. I myself cannot throw money at it and expect it to just disappear like a normal infection and I cannot just talk about my story with my son and expect people to give up everything in their lives as I had to give up in mine to fight this battle. But I can do something that most people will not do on the frontlines of cancer warfare. I will rally as many people as possible and when the moment is right I will give the Battle Cry for people to mobilize in efforts to disband the enemy. This runs the risk of losing many who have been made aware but, like myself before cancer, honestly didn't care that much because it had not infiltrated their personal lives yet. With the pages I use in the world of social media I will shout to get the attention of those in battle to be ready to fight for their lives and the lives of their children. Even if some are lost and distracted by the cares of the world they live in, I will not give up because the Battle Cry must be heard. My latest page "Speak Up to Silence Cancer" @ http://www.facebook.com/pages/Speak-Up-to-Silence-Cancer/272558346126344 will be for anyone of any age to tell how cancer has attacked them or their loved ones. As we talk more about our enemy we will prepare for battle and when the time is right we will together raise the awareness of the world which will bring the funding needed to find a cure. I don't want to sound like I am a Jr. High kid that need your LIKES on facebook, but I need you to show you are ready and to show everyone else that LIKES get peoples attention. People want to know what is going on when 80-100 people Like a story about a child fighting cancer or 5000 people Like a page that will have a significant part in Saving Lives.

Let the Battle Cry continue to be heard and let the LIKES be seen on Facebook like the Biggest and Best House with Christmas Lights in the neighborhood because we need people to see what is going on in the world of cancer. Go now to the links on the left of this page and click LIKE on each one to follow and keep aware.

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