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Friday, December 30, 2011

The Big Push

During the final days of this year I want to present to you an idea for a New Years Resolution. Since July 1st, the day of Lincoln's diagnosis, I discovered a whole new world that I was missing out on. With a little tiny 3 1/2 iPod screen I began to look into the lives of children fighting for their lives, battling cancer.
I quickly found 50 Caring Bridge and Facebook pages of kids who were fighting, have fought and who were even in their last days and I wanted to know more. It wasn't because I knew that these things could happen to my son as much as I wanted to be a part of their journey, as these kids quickly became my heros. During the first week I discovered a boy fighting for his life at the same hospital and soon passed away on one of the first clinic visits we had. I remember passing his parents in the hallway wearing their yellow shirts and feeling the devestation without ever meeting them. Since then I have witnessed a child's passing on average at least once a week from cancer and I could not ignore something so horrible. It would be so easy to walk away from it all and focus on my own world of cancer, but I have to push forward. I am doing what I can by blogging, creating facebook pages and sharing these kids, but I need the help of hundreds of people to make a real difference and save these young lives.

Here is what I am proposing: I will post as many pages as I can in the coming days on my blog and I ask you to do something very simple out of your heart. Take a look at some of these kids pages and begin following them closely. On facebook you need to Like the page, on Caring Bridge you can sign up for e-mail notifications. I have 3 facebook pages now that you can LIKE and follow but as a Resolution, I want you to pick one or more children that you will commit to following their page.
From there let your heart lead you to greater things as you get to know these kids.
Go through My Links for a Cure to find a number of pages that you can begin to LIKE and SHARE, thank you and Happy New Year

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