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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Next Chapter

Today as I sat at the dinner table with my wonderful family of 4, I was thinking that this year was a good year. I have many reasons to think how great life has been this year, even over the last 6 months, and now as I reflect I can't see anything that went wrong.

You may find it hard to understand since my 2 1/2 year old son was diagnosed with leukemia on July 1st, but we all fought a good fight against this deadly opponent and so far we are winning. The last few months we have only wanted one thing in life and that was for our son to survive and not be miserable, but in the last few days I have also realized that cancer is a relentless force and still devastates families, even on Christmas day.

Life is too short and you may believe that, but I know that it is when a child has cancer. Sometimes I want to stop and talk to that homeless person on the street corner and share with them how Great their life is. They can breath on their own, eat when they get food and experience little to no physical pain compared to that child with neuroblastoma who is on a morphine drip. When I go to the store and see all of these people lined up to return some electronic gift that wasn't good enough for their needs, I think about the child that can't even enjoy the outdoors for fear of catching a cold because they have no immune system.

This year I have only one resolution, to join forces with those raising awareness for childrens cancer and to find a cure. Even though my son has been in remission only a month after his diagnosis, I have discovered the ugly truth that cancer is stealing young lives single day. Now, as the final few days of 2011 come to an end, I am preparing to stay strong and continue fighting. Will you fight at my side in 2012?

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Sallie said...

I love following your blog. Brian. Following this has made me even more aware of what a terrible monster cancer is..and the grace of God in people's lives. Your attitude has amazed me and inspires me everyday. I'm praying for you