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Sunday, June 24, 2012

For Conner

Two years ago today my nephew Conner became an angel in Heaven and we are all missing him today. Here are some pictures and my attempt at a slideshow with music.
(Click play, listen and follow the music before you scroll down through the pictures and READ the lyrics as I have changed them to fit the story)

Heaven is the face of a little boy,
with dark brown eyes that disappear when he smiles
Heaven is the place where he calls my name,
says "daddy, please come play with me for awhile"
God I know its all of this and so much more,
but God you know that this is what I'm aching for,
God you know I just can't see beyond the door....
So right now, Heaven is the sound of him breathing deep,
lying on my chest falling fast asleep while I sing 
And heaven is the weight of him in my arms,
being there to keep him safe from harm while he dreams
And God I know its all of this and so much more, 
but God you know that this is what I'm longing for,
God you know I just can't see beyond the door
 But in my minds eye I can see a place,
where your glory fills every empty space
All the CF's gone, every mouth is fed
and there's no one left in the orphan's bed 
 Every lonely heart finds there one true love,
and there's no more goodbyes and no more not enough
And there's no more suffering, no more
 Heaven is a sweet maple syrup kiss and a thousand other little thing's I miss with him gone
Heaven is the place where he takes my hand
and leads me to You and we both run into your arms
Oh God, I know, its so much more than I can dream
Its far beyond anything I can conceive
So God you know I'm trusting You until I see

Heaven in the face of my little boy
Heaven in the face of our little boy 
Heaven in the face of this little boy..........

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Nikki Riddle said...

Brain what a beautiful post! I had no idea that your nephew was Connor Jones. What an impact he had on not only the CF community -- but everyone! Those of us following Sarah's blog loved Connor as he was our own. Our brother, son, fighter, hero. Spencer and I reached out to Sarah and Brad during their struggles and in turn Sarah reached out to me when I lost my husband from CF. You have such a wonderful and sweet family. I am now putting two and two together as I believe Brad mentioned his nephew now having cancer at one point in time. It's a small world that we are both participating in this blog challenge, but I don't see it as a coincidence. Your entire family is in my thoughts and prayers. Ever since I read your post on day 1 of the UBC I have been thinking of your family and your sweet son. I'm glad we crossed paths.