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Friday, June 29, 2012

Trail Blazer

When was the last time you went somewhere new?
If you know me, you know that I like to travel and I have driven many miles, even over to the Oregon coast several times a year. The job that I have had for 5 years now takes me a lot of places and its the one thing I would miss if I ever changed jobs. Before this job I drove the same long road for 5 years and when I moved I just couldn't take it anymore. I'm a trailblazer and I always like to take a new road to get there.

Today I traveled to Silverton, Oregon and I was installing a chainlink fence for a customer that wanted to keep his goats in after they escaped. If you know anything about goats, they will eat anything, even thorny blackberry bushes.

Have you ever wanted to take a blaze new trail or go in a new direction and all you could see was a wall of blackberries? Unfortunately a chainsaw wouldn't even help get through this mess, but about a year ago I was facing a hopeless journey in a direction that I never thought I would go in.

As I write this blog, looking back at the trail our family has blazed, over the peaks and valleys of leukemia with our son Lincoln, I realize that we were never alone. Although no one imagines themselves joining a family on a journey like this, they willingly left the safe roads that they have always known, sometimes taking the lead when they saw the struggle our family was facing.

Recently I came across a facebook page that I liked because it wants to aggressively reveal the Truth about childhood cancer http://www.facebook.com/theTruth365film. Its a hard road to travel when your a trailblazer, but this is one that I am watching closely to see if it leads the way to new highways for cancer research to travel on.

During most of your life you will have the choice to either follow the traffic down the freeway, or take the back roads and discover new things. Just remember that if a 3 year old, little bald boy, dressed as Batman can be a leader. You were born to be. Please listen.


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