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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Day 2

Lincoln had a good day today with a long nap and a transfusion before more chemo. We are still learning about what will happen this week and we feel more equip to battle this disease every day. We appreciate everyone's thoughts, prayers and
offers of support because this is the lifeline for the family. There is only one thing we have decided that is difficult to ask of our family and friends. As the chemotherapy goes on this week Lincoln's will have more and more risk to infections. Although the hospital is very clean and visitors can sanitize and wear masks, we want as little risk as possible during our short stay. As long as Lincoln can get out of his room and play we feel uplifted through your words and phone calls and as much Facebook as possible. Just know we want you to see that he is not suffering all day in a bed as I share video of him playing. He seems to be the only one on this floor that has that luxury. As soon as we know we have an exit strategy we will invite people to visit, but for now enjoy every minute of your long weekend and celebrate the life you live now because it could change in an instant. Keep praying, keep believing, keep hoping.

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