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Wednesday, July 13, 2011


The last two days have been long and exhausting for our family. With going back to my full time job on Tuesday and an extra visit to the clinic to get Lincoln's blood transfusion plus the talk of getting a Port surgically placed in his chest, is a lot to take in. I feel like there are gaps in my life where I have missed important things, like in that Adam Sandler movie "Click". To recap, he is a very busy man trying to support his family by working hard for a promotion and he is tired of the struggle so he finds a magical remote control to click the buttons of a better life for himself. It starts off good but then backfires and the controller sends him through fast forward and makes him miss most of his life.
On June 30th my wife Jenny and I went on a date for our 10th anniversary. We wanted to take a two hour break from the regular day in and day out and enjoy each other. The very next day we would find out how much we would need each other for the rest of our lives and the rest of our sons new life with cancer. It happened so fast and is still happening I can't keep up with what I have worked for so far and what I will now need to fight for to keep my son alive.

I am only human and I only have the capacity that I have gained thus far in my 34 years and I don't have room for cancer. But even after 10 years of marriage, two promotions to management, two beautiful children and the countless other blessings I have received, I will count it all as lost for the sake of my son and my family.

This journey will not slow down and there will be little time for rest but like a pair of aces at the poker table, I'm all in!

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Kei said...

I'm sure it still feels unreal and like a dream. Like you should be able to wake up tomorrow and everything be "normal" again. My heart hurts for your family and the struggle it must be just getting through the day trying not to worry about the "what ifs." You all are on my mind daily and you know you are always and forever on God's mind. I know he's holding you all right in his hands. He sees the big picture, even when we can only see barely to the step in front of us. I pray for peace over your family as you face the unknown. For his peace that surpasses all understanding to guard your hearts and minds.