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Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Deep Breath of Relief

As we close our eyes tonight and thank God for the life that we have, we remember all that has happened over the last 7 days. We went from not knowing if our child was going to live, to spending a quiet evening at home in the comfort of our home. Tonight we can breath easy know God is in control. Every ring of fire that we have passed through this week was one step closer to the safety of our own food and beds. Leaving the fears of the unknown behind, we will take this journey of surviving cancer with all seriousness. We will fight and we will win. The devastation of the diagnosis will turn into the hope for many days to come with our son. I will go to work tomorrow knowing God will sustain my little boys body since it cannot do so on it's own. You may imagine a child weak and suffering because his immune system is in shutdown mode, but God grants him plenty of energy as a boy should have. I look forward to coming home each day to hear him run to the door to tell me he missed me. Jenny's first day with the medications was pleasent. She crushes a pill and mixes it in chocolate syrup and put it into his mouth with a syringe. Twice a day is all. It's not always easy getting him to open his mouth, and brushing his teeth is a challenge too, but he is getting used to the thermometer under his arm. We still notice a few of the minor side effects but they are even mild at best. He is drinking as much as he used to and may be eating more already. One more day this week and then the weekend routine begins. A different medication for A couple of days and lots of time making Legos together. Taking a deep breath and off to bed.

I added this music video that is related to a relationship but says a lot when it comes to life changing events

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Kei said...

So glad things seem to be falling into place and making more sense. I'm sure that although the diagnosis will never be easy to deal with, the physical dealings will lose their intimidation and fear. Knowledge is power, right? :)
Blessings to your family!