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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Home-Sweet Home

Today is our first full day at home. Last night Lincoln played with his sister Emma and played doctor with their toys. He showed her how to use the stethoscope and other instruments he got in his doctors bag of play instruments. It was a happy evening that made everything feel ok again. Unfortunately things have changed and will change.

Today I return to my job which takes me far away to Sweet Home, Oregon. I want to be closer to Home but I only have to spend a few days there. These next few days could be critical as Lincoln's white blood cell drop even lower and his risk for infection increases. As soon as we notice the slightest little change in his health we need to check for a temperature of 100.4. Then we go to the Salem ER to start IV antibiotics. Pray this never happens because it will be scary.

Until we see any real hit to his health we will be watching closely, washing our hands a lot and sanitizing with a sneeze or a cough because bacteria is abundant and wants to find a way to upset things.

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