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Saturday, April 28, 2012

A Day in the Life of Mr. Jones

I was working the other day as I do many day, just digging a hole for a fence post as I do hundreds of times a month and I realized that my life is very much the same every day. So I wanted to write down some of the things that I experience or think about every single day. By the time I am done writing I will hope that my new experiences of today, such as my cup of frozen grapefruit, is ready to eat, because what would a life without some unexpectancies be like?

I wake up, early, but not super early, on average 6 am.

I go straight to the coffee maker, something I will always do until I retire and then I will only go to it at night to stay up late because old people just wake up early anyways.
I don't like making lunch in the mornings but I know what happens around 10am if I don't have any, so most of the time I take a lunch to work.
During the school year my kids are waking up about the same time but I only have about a half hour to get through my routine to get to work, so mommy takes care for the most part.
I get into my Honda Civic and for the last 5 years, drive Almost one mile to work. Don't hate, I used to drive 22.3 miles to work the 5 years before that. Gas prices are still to high in my opinion.
Work is work and I do it from about 7-5 everyday. Building fences is much the same but has many challenges too. I also have build decks, covers, pergolas, trellis's, gates, steps, ramps, gazebos, swings, bridges, and retaining walls.

Mostly wood, a lot of vinyl, some composite, steel, iron, aluminum and field wire. I drive my work truck, with a 16 foot flat bed which gets 8 miles to the gallon. I don't pay for gas, thank God!
Everyday I work with people from my boss to my helper, people at my shop and my customers who I love to install fences for. They like me too, at least most of them ;)
After a 10-12 hour day of work I really need to unwind, but there is little time for that because the drive home is so short from the shop now. When I get home I usually get a greeting from my favorite little boy Lincoln who wants to play anything with me. Most of the time I want to fall on the floor because 10 hours of physical labor is a lot, but I find a way to play.

After dinner and some family time, about the time enterainment news comes on, I get on my laptop which I got less than a year ago so I can look at facebook. Sometimes I put on the head phones so I don't have to hear about the latest celebrity trainwreck and I can put some focus time into kids who fight for their lives and who deserve some real recognition on the Red Carpet Kids for the Cure page I created last September during childhood cancer awareness month.

I usually find kids that my other friends have discovered during the day and I feature them on the Red Carpet for everyone to LIKE. I also let the kids themselves know that they are featured on the Red Carpet today because its all about them. Birthdays and Celebrations of No Evidence of Disease are common and Celebrations of Life happen a few times a month too.
If I still have time in the night I look at the rest of facebook while playing poker.
Its about the only entertainment I allow myself anymore since I rarely watch movies or TV unless its reality competition TV shows like DTWS, the Apprentice or Shark Tank. I keep the laptop open when watching tv or kids movies because I want to find and recognize kids fighing cancer and other life threatening diseases as they appear on my facebook news feed.
I am a night owl but not too late when work picks up during the season. I like to listen to music while writing on my blog and chatting with friends who seem to stay up late on facebook too.
The weekends are a nice change of pace when I can mow my lawn and spend time outside working on projects around my house. The kids play and sometimes help me build something but I like to keep things safe so I don't let them run around with the hammer and nails.
We like to have a movie, popcorn and candy Saturday nights but still to bed on time for church on Sunday. That is one thing I have not done much of in the last 9 months since Lincoln's diagnosis, but since I went to Bible College for many years I typically open the bible myself and read it. I also like to write sermonettes sometimes on Sundays while Jenny and Emma go to church, to share with my friends some spiritual insights I have discovered. Sunday nights can seem a little hectic sometimes, trying to get the most out of the weekend, but I tuck the kids in bed, read books and get ready for another repeat with new challenges, discoveries and unexpected events during the week.
Now that my grapefruit is gone, and it wasn't too bad frozen, althought I don't know how it got that way, I will go mow my lawn and when Lincoln wakes up from a rest we will spend the rest of the night just hanging out as family.

I can't think of to many other details but I like it just the way it is and I feel bless by the Almighty God of Heaven and thank him for my family and all of my friends, especially those who take the time to read my blogs, THANKS!

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